Author: Patrick McNamara
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1440109591
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Recognize the void in your tactical training Train like you fight Maintain safety at all times Choose targets that force accountability Develop a series of standards Patrick McNamara spent twenty-two years in the United States Army in a myriad of special operations units. When he worked in the premier special missions unit, he became an impeccable marksman, shooting with accurate, lethal results and tactical effectiveness. McNamara has trained tactical applications of shooting to people of all levels of marksmanship, from varsity level soldiers, U.S. Secret Service agents and police officers who work the streets to civilians with little to no time behind the trigger. His military experience quickly taught him that there is more to tactical marksmanship than merely squeezing the trigger. Utilizing his years of experience, McNamara developed a training methodology that is safe, effective and combat relevant and encourages a continuous thought process. This methodology teaches how to maintain safety at all times and choose targets that force accountability, as well as provides courses covering several categories, including individual, collective, on line and standards. TAPS: Tactical Application of Practical Shooting: Recognize the void in your tactical training will increase the confidence and efficiency in your shooting by providing training tips and courses of fire to help you significantly improve your marksmanship. Utilize his tips and techniques and reap the benefits as you shoot.


Author: Patrick McNamara
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Anything can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Wouldn't you rather know that you had done everything in your power to have prepared yourself for that moment when something goes wrong? None of us plan to fail, but we may fail to plan. In "Sentinel," author Patrick McNamara provides an instructional guide filled with survival techniques for the family. Drawing from his background as a special-operations agent for twenty-two years, McNamara discusses the importance of being the protector of the family and provides a host of techniques, strategies, and procedures to ensure safety. He offers simple steps for being better prepared for power blackouts, home invasions, and attacks on the street and more. From your home to your vehicle and beyond, McNamara discusses how to plan for contingencies. "Sentinel" provides the information necessary to help you take charge of your own domain and be able to count on yourself to protect your own life and the lives of those close to you.

The Tactical Edge

Author: Charles Remsberg
Publisher: Calibre Press
ISBN: 093587805X
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Extensive, advanced text of realistic tactical options for defeating violent offenders in life-threatening situations, including vehicle stops, domestic disturbances, armed robberies, building searches, barricaded subjects, and hostage officer crises. Addresses mental conditioning, tactical thinking and a host of special problems, whether you respond to dangerous calls alone, with a partner or as part of a tactical team. Used as a foundation for much training and for promotional exams.

Practical Applied Stress Training P A S T For Tactical Law Enforcement

Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0557388686
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"The Practical Applied Stress Training (P.A.S.T) program is designed to allow tactical teams to incorporate job applicable functional training into their existing programs. P.A.S.T. bridges the essential gap between physical training and firearms training, allowing the tactical operator to be better prepared for the high demands of the job." -- Backcover.

The Modern Day Gunslinger

Author: Don Mann
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1602399867
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"Serves the needs of the gun owner; the experienced shooter; those who own a weapon strictly for home-and self-defense; the military member who wants to become a better shooter in defense of our country; the law enforcement officer who risks his or her life going against the thugs of our society; and anyone interested in learning the defensive and tactical training techniques from some of the best and most experiences shooters in the world." -- Cover, p. [4]

Women Guns

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Personal Protection Training

Author: Dr. Leonard M. Breure, PhD
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477244808
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Some Comments from Len’s Students... “I want you to know that in my many years of being a student, you easily rank as the best teacher I have ever had. Your skill and patience has made me infinitely more comfortable with my weapons and myself. The next class you teach, I'll be there in a heartbeat. I'm sure you don't have to be reminded of the multitude of people you have touched and the positive impact you have had on firearms training overall.” Bob Patridge “Len has taught me to effectively and safely use a handgun and rifle and for that I will always be grateful. I look forward to the time I spend once or twice a week under his instruction. Len has created a wide range of firearms training programs out of virtually nothing and trained a sizeable and competent cadre of firearms instructors who, like me, greatly respects the man. He is engaged with his students and always approachable. Students who have shot much longer than me comment on his great depth of knowledge and ability to improve their shooting. He clearly loves to teach the material and his enthusiasm is contagious. He has a great sense of humor and makes his classes a lot of fun. But in spite of all of this the safety of his students is always his first concern.” Dr. Noel Pillman, MD “I am a retired police officer and a former police firearms instructor for over 20 years. I have been to numerous firearms training classes over the years but have not had any instructors more professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to what they do then Len Breure.” Maurice Merabella "Len was my first real 'tactical' instructor a few years ago. He is a thorough, safe, and well versed instructor. His teaching style is unique in a way that clearly conveys lessons and makes them easy to understand for experienced shooters and novices alike. Len brings a wealth of prior "been there, done that" experience to the table that's an asset to his teaching, and is rarely found in many of the new instructors that have come to the arena since most states have enacted concealed carry laws. I continue to train with a variety of tactical instructors, and am always amazed by how much of the information Len taught me is still the foundation upon which I build." Mike VanMeeteren "I have been fortunate enough to receive numerous training courses that were being taught by Len Breure. In my opinion, Len is one of the best in the business! It is very rewarding to be able to learn from someone who has the experience and knowledge to take tactical training to the next level." Jim Bryant I first meet Len while taking my Minnesota Concealed Carry Course in 2005. Since that time I have taken every course that Len teaches. In my opinion Len is the consummate professional, who teaches with passion and an incredible degree of knowledge. I would strongly urge anyone interested in personal protection to take Lens courses. Mike Pingel

The Guerrilla Reader

Author: Walter Laqueur
Publisher: Philadelphia : Temple University Press
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En samling af synspunkter om guerillakrig op gennem tiden.

Understanding Terrorism And Managing The Consequences

Author: Paul M. Maniscalco
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1. Terrorism: meeting the challenge -- 2. The basics of the Incident Management System -- 3. Terrorism/Tactical violence incident response procedures -- 4. Preparing for terrorism/Tactical violence -- 5. The Federal response plan -- 6. Weapons of mass effect: chemical terrorism and warfare agents -- 7. Weapons of mass effect: Biological terrorism -- 8. Weapons of mass effect: Cyber-terrorism -- 9. Weapons of mass effect: Radiation -- 10. Weapons of mass effect: Explosives -- 11. Mass casualty decontamination -- 12. Crime scene operations -- 13. Technology and emergency response --