Tales From A Country Inn

Author: D. G. Heath
ISBN: 9780991144433
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Format: PDF, Kindle
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The stars come out and the fun begins at Rancho de San Juan. Read how a simple country inn--in the middle of nowhere--became an international establishment of gracious hospitality and gourmet cuisine. Enjoy tales about the famous and not-so-famous guests who stayed with us. Revisit some of the parties and disasters--delight in the romantic, quirky, and uniquely different experiences of being an innkeeper. Discover the interesting, amusing, and sometimes crazy happenings that were part of life at the Rancho. How did we run our country inn? By the seat of our pants, with a dream in our hearts, and a lot of nerve. Some people are born with hospitality in their blood--others learn from experience. And then there are those like us who simply pleasure in the challenge of pampering and entertaining guests. While increasing our knowledge of hospitality, over twenty years in New Mexico, we encountered a learning curve that generated stress, patience, understanding, and the ability to resolve almost any problem with humor and determination. We delighted in the laughter, happiness and surprise of our guests. Now, as a writer, I welcome the opportunity to share these experiences with you. Let the tales begin.

Historic Spots In California

Author: Douglas E. Kyle
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804778176
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The only complete guide to the historical landmarks of California, this standard work has now been thoroughly revised and updated. The edition is enriched by some 200 photographs, most of which were taken by the reviser and all of which are new to this edition. Since the last revision in 1990, enormous changes have taken place within the state: many landscapes and buildings have been greatly altered and some are no longer in existence. Every effort has been made, through personal observation, to record the present condition of the landmarks and to provide clear and accurate descriptions of their locations. The text is written with the idea that the reader might use the book while traveling around the state, and thus mileage and signposts have been given where it was thought helpful. For this new edition, the reviser has added additional information on the state's geography, the presence of Native Americans, and state and local museums. To provide historical background, the reviser has written a short historical overview. The chapters of the book are organized by county, in alphabetical order. A rough chronology is followed for each county, beginning with pertinent facts on geography, continuing with Native American life, the coming of the Spaniards and other Europeans, the American conquest of the 1840s, and, in those areas where it had a major impact, the gold rush. The text then continues into the period of intensive agricultural development, railroads, industrialization, the growth of cities, the effects of World War II, and on into more recent times. The bibliography, like the text, has been updated to 2001 and includes some of the established classics in California history as well as more recent material. Reviews of the Fourth Edition "Prodigious in detail and scope, this is the definitive guide to historical landmarks in California and a valuable resource not only for travelers but also for anyone interested in California history." —California Highways "This is an outstanding and accessible piece of scholarship, one that every student of California will value." —San Francisco Chronicle "Kyle and Stanford University Press are to be lauded for this monumental undertaking." —Southern California Quarterly

Brand Book

Author: Westerners. Chicago Corral
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Hoover The Fishing President

Author: Hal Elliott Wert
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811700993
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An intensely private and shy man, Hoover the person was largely unknown to the American public. In this extensively researched biography devoted to the angling side of Hoover, author Hal Elliott Wert examines the often overlooked life of our thirty-first president. In a presidency plagued by the Depression, in a time when the country was poised between the agrarian society of the past and the advent of a modern professional class, Herbert Hoover faced numerous challenges. A thinker and a doer who shaped the way we live today, Hoover found relief from the stresses of his professional life in his pastime, fishing. Herbert Hoover fished near his hometown of West Branch, Iowa, as a boy and then moved to Oregon, where he fished the Rogue, Willamette, McKenzie, and Columbia rivers. As a young man, he attended Stanford and fished and camped throughout the West during breaks. He fished and spent time in the outdoors throughout his life and especially in his years as president. He founded Cave Man Camp at Bohemian Grove north of San Francisco, a yearly getaway for powerful Republicans, and Camp Rapidan in Virginia while he was in the White House. In addition to freshwater fishing, Hoover enjoyed fishing the salt. On trips to Florida later in his life, he stalked bonefish and fished for permit and the larger species, such as sailfish.

Texas Monthly

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Since 1973, TEXAS MONTHLY has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, reporting on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education. As a leisure guide, TEXAS MONTHLY continues to be the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums, and cultural events with its insightful recommendations.