The Celluloid Courtroom

Author: Ross D. Levi
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275982331
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Parker, the ruthless antihero of Richard Stark's eponymous mystery novels, is one of the most unforgettable characters in hardboiled noir. Lauded by critics for his taut realism, unapologetic amorality, and razor-sharp prose style--and adored by fans who turn each intoxicating page with increasing urgency--Stark is a master of crime writing, his books as influential as any in the genre. The University of Chicago Press has embarked on a project to return the early volumes of this series to print for a new generation of readers to discover--and become addicted to. The Rare Coin Score features the first appearance of Claire, who will steal Parker's heister's heart--while together they steal two million dollars of rare coins. "Parker . . . lumbers through the pages of Richard Stark's noir novels scattering dead bodies like peanut shells. . . . In a complex world [he] makes things simple."--William Grimes, New York Times "Whatever Stark writes, I read. He's a stylist, a pro, and I thoroughly enjoy his attitude."--Elmore Leonard "Westlake knows precisely how to grab a reader, draw him or her into the story, and then slowly tighten his grip until escape is impossible."--Washington Post Book World "Donald Westlake's Parker novels are among the small number of books I read over and over. Forget all that crap you've been telling yourself about War and Peace and Proust--these are the books you'll want on that desert island."--Lawrence Block

A Dictionary Of Modern Legal Usage

Author: Bryan A. Garner
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195142365
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Bryan A. Garner, an editor, academic and practicing lawyer, has written an accessible, authoritative, and up-to-date guide that will help anyone in the legal thicket to write better. "The most extensive resources available for legal word usage".--Library Journal.

Toontown Lawbots

Author: Source: Wikia
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
ISBN: 9781234750794
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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 32. Chapters: Ambulance Chaser, Backstabber, Big Wig, Big Wigs, Bloodsucker, Bloodsuckers, Bottom Feeder, Bounce Check, Buzz Word, Chief Justice, Cog Facilities, Cog Groups, Cog Invasions, Cog Moves, Cog Suit, Cogs, Corporate Ladder, District Attorney's Office, Double Talk, Double Talker, Eviction Notice, Evidence, Evil Eye, Finger Wag, Guilt Trip, Hang Up, Jargon, Jump, Jury Notices, Lawbot Cog Suit, Lawbot Headquarters, Legal Eagle, Legalese, Liquidate, Mega Invasions, Mumbo Jumbo, Paradigm Shift, Pecking Order, Pick Pocket, Power Trip, Quake, Red Tape, Restraining Order, Rolodex, Rubber Stamp, Shake, Shred, Similar Cogs, Spin, Spin Doctor, Swipe, Throw Book, Throw Gears, Virtual Skelecog, Watercooler, Withdrawal. Excerpt: Ambulance Chasers are Lawbots. They have a level range of 4-8. An Ambulance Chaser is a Medium/High Level Cog. They are usually found on Maple Street in Daisy Gardens, Tenor Terrace in Minnie's Melodyland, and most commonly found in Polar Place or Lawbot HQ and also in Donald's Dock. Jury Notices needed for Ambulance Chaser Cog Promotion Add a photo to this gallery Backstabbers are they are the fifth Cog on the Corporate Ladder of Lawbots, and they range from Level 5 to 9. Backstabbers are Medium/High Level Cogs. They can be found on Maple Street in Daisy Gardens, Tenor Terrace in Minnie's Melodyland, and mostly found on Polar Place or the Lawbot HQ courtyard. These are also seen in the CJ battle. Jury Notices needed for Backstabber Cog Promotion (Coworker) backstabbing occurs to some degree in many workplaces. It consists of an employee doing something to another employee to get a "leg up" on the other employee. Strategies used for backstabbing include dishonesty, blame (or false accusation), discrediting others and taking credit for another's work. Motives for backstabbing include disregarding others' rights in favor of one's own gain, self-image, management, ...

The Bachelor Party

Author: Ron Hummer
ISBN: 1456618253
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Tony Sage, a financial consultant is about to go to jail for bilking thousands of investors out of their money in a Ponzi Pyramid scheme. Before he goes on trial, he wants revenge on the man who had a one night stand with his wife, Michael Wells, a lawyer with Wells, Carmichael, Lane, and MacGregor. What started as a fight in the back of a strip club between the two ended in the murder of Tony Sage. Michael stands accused of the murder because he was found unconscious next to the body with the murder weapon, a knife in his hand. Enter Jack Roscoe, Private Detective and former Navy Seal. He is hired by the firm to solve the murder. The problem: Jack doesn't like lawyers, especially ones who specialize in non-compete agreements. Wells, Carmichael, Lane, and MacGregor is one of the largest law firms in this field. Even though Jack has two friends whose lives were ruined due to their non-compete agreements, he decides to handle the case. Jack will be battling mobsters, a motorcycle gang, and several convicts, all while helping Rebecca Martinez, a victim of domestic violence, in an effort to solve this case and get the money back for the investors. By the end of the story, Jack hopes to teach the lawyers of Wells Carmichael, Lane and MacGregor a lesson that they will never forget.

Jargonaut Express Essential Idioms For The Astute Business Speaker

Author: Brian Ashcraft
ISBN: 1483407365
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Acquiring a list of useful idioms could take an individual several years to encounter. Countless experiences are consolidated here to make your business speak pop. The Jargonaut Express helps you be there in stride with business professionals who speak a common language. If you are going to use idiomatic expressions to add some color to your vocabulary, you should first know and understand exactly what it is you are saying so that you can say it with a boost of confidence. When done well, these colorful idioms can be highly-effective tools that should be part of everyone's communication toolkit. The Jargonaut Express aims to not just provide a simple definition, but to also provide additional contextual information that makes each idiom stick. What you will find is an increased awareness of idiom usage and also be able to contribute a memorable story that you can relate when you hear these idiomatic gems in your company.

Seventh Grave And No Body

Author: Darynda Jones
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1466878835
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The New York Times bestseller from Darynda Jones, Seventh Grave and No Body, puts Charley Davidson in the line of more fires than she may be able to handle... Twelve. Twelve of the deadliest beasts ever forged in the fires of hell have escaped onto our plane, and they want nothing more than to rip out the jugular of Charley Davidson and serve her lifeless, mangled body to Satan for dinner. So there's that. But Charley has more on her plate than a mob of testy hellhounds. For one thing, her father has disappeared, and the more she retraces his last steps, the more she learns he was conducting an investigation of his own, one that has Charley questioning everything she's ever known about him. Add to that an ex-BFF who is haunting her night and day, a rash of suicides that has authorities baffled, and a drop-dead sexy fiancé who has attracted the attentions of a local celebrity, and Charley is not having the best week of her life. But all of that combined barely scratches the surface of her problems. Recent developments—and a few distressing prophesies—have forced her to become a responsible adult. Exactly the kind of adult she's never aspired to be. To conquer such a monumental task, she's decided to start small. Really small. She gets a pet. But how can she save the world against the forces of evil when she can't even keep a goldfish alive? A tad north of hell, a hop, skip, and a jump past the realm of eternity, is a little place called Earth, and Charley Davidson, grim reaper extraordinaire, is determined to do everything in her power to protect it. We're doomed.

The Central Law Journal

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Vols. 64-96 include "Central law journal's international law list".

Street Speak Three

Author: David Burke
ISBN: 9781891888229
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Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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