The Antianxiety Food Solution

Author: Trudy Scott
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
ISBN: 9781608824410
Size: 33.70 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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It’s remarkable how much the foods we eat can impact our brain chemistry and emotions. What and when we eat can make the difference between feeling anxious and staying calm and in control. But most of us don’t realize how much our diets influence our moods, thoughts, and feelings until we make a change. InThe Antianxiety Food Solution, you’ll find four unique antianxiety diets designed to help you address nutritional deficiencies that may be at the root of your anxiety and enjoy the many foods that foster increased emotional balance. This helpful guide allows you to choose the best plan for you and incorporates effective anxiety-busting foods and nutrients. You’ll soon be on the path to freeing yourself from anxiety—and enjoying an improved overall mood, better sleep, fewer cravings, and optimal health—the natural way! The book also includes an easy-to-use index. In The Antianxiety Food Solution, you’ll discover: How to assess your diet for anxiety-causing and anxiety-calming foods and nutrients Foods and nutrients that balance your brain chemistry Which anxiety-triggering foods and drinks you may need to avoid Easy lifestyle changes that reduce anxiety and increase happiness

You 1 Anxiety 0

Author: Jodi Aman
Publisher: Ja'love Media
ISBN: 9780998561301
Size: 23.59 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In You 1, Anxiety 0, Jodi Aman highlights the ways anxiety manipulates and entraps us, and offers valuable tools you can use to see through anxiety's mind tricks and break free from the prison of fear, stress and doubt.

Me And My Mate Jeffrey

Author: Niall Breslin
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 147361967X
Size: 70.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In his book, Niall Breslin speaks openly about living with depression and anxiety, and his crippling journey to finally acknowledging 'Jeffrey' - the name he chose for it - years after he took the decision to conceal his growing mental health issues from the world, at age 15. Told with raw honesty, it is a story of the demons that lay beneath outward success, and how they impacted on his career in sports and later music, as he coped with a condition that at times seemed hell bent on wrecking everything in its wake. It is also the story of a road to reconciliation with brokenness - beginning after a massive panic attack before a live TV appearance in 2012 - leading to brighter horizons. Me and My Mate Jeffrey is an essential book for anyone who knows what it is to feel alone, and who doesn't know how to ask for help - or anyone who wants to better understand that journey.

Undrugged Sleep

Author: Dr. Lori Arnold PharmD
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504397568
Size: 46.50 MB
Format: PDF
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Sleepless in America is not a Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie. This is a real-life drama fueled by the performance anxiety that keeps you up all night worrying about being up all night. If you battle nightly dream stealers, you are one of fifty to seventy million American adults with chronic sleep disorders. We live in a take a pill and go to sleep era. Like Pavlovs dogs, insomnia-plagued Americans have been trained to pop a pill to reap a sleep reward, expecting to immediately fall asleep and stay asleep, with little or no effort. The path of least resistance offers an easy way out rather than focusing on the root cause of the insomnia. What do you hope to achieve by taking a sleeping pill? You hope to achieve a blissful state of restful and rejuvenating sleep, allowing you to then work better, think better, and function better the next day. You hope that prescription sleep aids will be a temporary fix and will not result in long-term use or dependence. Expectations and actual experiences may vastly differ, often yielding more disappointing results than anticipated. Your health choices are being unfairly influenced by clever pharmaceutical marketing propaganda, resulting in a destructive drug path plagued with dangerous side effects, interactions, drug-induced diseases, nutrient depletions, and even addiction. If sleeping pills are the problem, Undrugged Sleep is the solution that will help you embark on a personal healing journey. Becoming more aware of sleep drugs health-impairing issues will help motivate you to remove the drug insult, correct the root cause, and ultimately replace the drug with safer natural solutions. A functional medicine approach offers insomnia drug alternatives, combining sleep hygiene, nutrition, and nutraceuticals. No more Band-Aid approaches to healing; Undrugged Sleep is a true drug-free solution that will restore rejuvenating rest and have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

Social Anxiety Solution

Author: James Rules
ISBN: 9781705502709
Size: 77.32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Social Anxiety Disorder? Shyness? Separation Anxiety?Social Anxiety in the Workplace? Every person at one point in their life has had to deal with anxiety, whether it the nervous feeling they get before taking an exam or the natural anxiety they may have when they start their first job. To be fair anxiety is a common feeling for many of us to experience under different circumstances and is generally a manageable emotional response to new situations. But for an estimated 6.8 million people this normal feeling of apprehension when exposed to new people or experiences can take an ugly turn and have a debilitating effect upon their life. Someone who is suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder, Separation Anxiety or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder may find it difficult to handle day-to-day responsibilities, be intimidated by social events and invites and find adapting to workplace stress a daunting task. In the most extreme cases anxiety disorders can have a catastrophic effect on someone's life locking them in a cycle of insecurity, fear, and compulsory behaviors that alienate them from others, destroy their relationships and cost them opportunities. This book will cover the following topics to assist anyone who is suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder in overcoming this daunting psychosis and lead a normal life once again: * Social Anxiety Disorder - exploring what social anxiety is and why it develops * Components Physical, Cognitive and Behavioral of Social Anxiety - which reviews the psychological and physical components of social anxiety * How to Overcome Anxiety Problems - powerful tips for overcoming social anxiety * About Shyness - explains what shyness is and why we become shy * The Anti-anxiety Food Solution - incredible diet and nutrition changes that can be made to today that help overcome anxiety * Mass Media and Communication Impact - discusses how mass media contributes to social anxiety * Learning How You Can Manage Your Anxiety - daily anxiety management tips * Daily Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety - techniques for overcoming social anxiety daily * Start a Conversation with Anyone - easy social communication tips to help you start conversations with others * Building Massive Confidence - sure-fire ways to develop and maintain self-confidence * Get Respect Immediately - valuable tips on how to gain respect from anyone * Separation Anxiety - what is separation anxiety and where does it start * Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - obsessive-compulsive disorder what it is and why we suffer from compulsive behaviors * Natural Remedies that May Help with Anxiety and Panic Attacks - natural ways to overcome anxiety disorders and panic attacks * Treatment Options and Drug Therapy - what are the treatment options for those who suffer from extreme anxiety disorders and what medications can help * Social Anxiety in the Workplace - how to cope with social anxiety triggers in the work environment These powerful tools and techniques will help you or your loved one break through the fog of Social Anxiety Disorder and achieve a regular life. Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Button to Get Your Copy

The Anti Anxiety Diet

Author: Sarah Wilson
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062857134
Size: 57.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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From the New York Times bestselling author of I Quit Sugar and First, We Make the Beast Beautiful comes this proven 2-week plan for reducing anxiety and beating one of its leading causes—sugar addiction—using 8 simple, sustainable dietary shifts. Eating more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day? No wonder you’re anxious. Anxiety has a lot do to with lifestyle choices, including what you put in your mouth. Sarah Wilson is an expert on sugar addiction and its connection to the most widespread mental health concern—chronic anxiety—affecting millions worldwide today. One in six people in the West alone suffer from an anxiety-related illness.While scientists know that anxiety is a chemical imbalance in the brain, recent studies have linked this condition to sugar consumption and inflammation in the gut. In The Anti-Anxiety Diet, Wilson unravels the cutting-edge science linking sugar addiction, inflammation, and gut health to mental health. “If you have fire in the gut,” Sarah advises, “you have fire in the brain.” And sugar is the primary culprit. The Anti-Anxiety Diet is her simple, 2-week jumpstart plan for eliminating sugar from your diet. Packed with delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes, 4-color photos, and detailed meal plans, it shows you how to replace the bad stuff (sugar) with the good stuff (whole, unprocessed foods), to soothe—and ultimately tame—the anxious beast.

Digestive Wellness Strengthen The Immune System And Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion Fifth Edition

Author: Elizabeth Lipski
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 1260019403
Size: 79.24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6226
Optimize your overall health through digestive wellness! Fewer antacids and less bloating aren’t the only benefits of good digestion. When your digestive system is healthy and balanced, you sleep better, have more energy, think more clearly, experience less pain, and combat disease more effectively. Digestive Health shows how everything from migraines to skin disease to arthritis are connected to your digestive system. And now, this go-to guide has been updated with critical new research and developments, including late-breaking information on: • Probiotics and Prebiotics • Celiac Disease • The Gut-Brain Connection • Carbohydrates • Leaky Gut Syndrome • Auto-Immune Conditions • Kidney and Bone Health • Cancer Prevention • Alzheimer’s Disease You’ll find practical solutions to numerous conditions and disorders, along with expert guidance on the newest advances in testing and diagnosis, nutrition, and natural therapies. A perfect balance of science and practical advice, Digestive Health explains how your digestive system works and what to do when it doesn’t function properly. It provides everything you need to take control of your overall health through close, careful attention to your digestive system.

The Joy Of Eating

Author: Gwen Irwin
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504360524
Size: 75.86 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 220
Weight Loss/Personal Growth Have you lost the weight only to gain back more over and over again? Food, although intended to sustain us, has become a source of fear and judgment cascading into a widespread constant anxiety. For many of us our own body has turned into a cause for self-loathing as weight creeps up despite our best efforts. Desperate to get rid of the weight, we search for someone to tell us the right way to eat. As these solutions continue to fail we blame ourselvesThere must be something wrong with me. The truth is there is nothing wrong with you! This pattern is simply a result of our conditioning around food, diet, and body image. Once we get stuck in this pattern we lose trust in ourselves and look out there for the answer. Throughout the pages of this book you will: Explore making peace with food Change limiting thoughts and beliefs around food, diet, and body image Learn to go within to find the healthy eating style that is right for you Find a sustainable way to lose the weight for good See how making peace with food can spill over into all areas of your life Gwen Irwin tells a compelling story of her journey to weight loss and health. She understands the most important part of any transformational journey; it all starts with changing your thoughts and beliefs. A must read for anyone who has been on the dieting roller coaster for too long! ~Andy DooleyCo-founder oftut.comand Creator of Vibration Activation

Ketorranean Diet Solution

Author: Elena Maganto
ISBN: 9781734276503
Size: 53.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Elena, PhD in Molecular Biology and expert in inflammation and gut health, has created a new dietary theory, the Ketorranean lifestyle.We live in a society where most people are concerned about their weight and dieting. But diets don't exist! Everybody is different, and changes in weight is just another symptom of what is really happening. So, what is really happening? Pathogens that come in from food, air, or water, antibiotics or other medications, chronic stress, a diet full of sugar and hydrogenated oils, pesticides and other environmental toxins, all can cause microbial imbalance, gut inflammation and hormone imbalance. People are currently struggling with a lot of chronic conditions (autoimmune diseases, IBS, depression, anxiety, constant migraines, sleep problems, fatigue, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, ?..).Elena's mother suffered during many years from one of these chronic conditions, fibromyalgia, which she could overcome with the right changes in nutrition and lifestyle. After witnessing her mother's journey, she realized she wanted to start educating the world by showing them that if they change their lifestyle, they can prevent and decrease the risk of a lot of diseases.The Ketorranean Lifestyle blends the best of both worlds, ketogenic and Mediterranean diets but eliminating foods that cause inflammation. Because, how many of you have tried conventional Ketogenic or Mediterranean diets and still feel bloated, sluggish, can't lose any pound or got yeast overgrowth. The Ketorranean Lifestyle gives you the guidelines to go deeper in a low carb anti-inflammatory lifestyle to empower your body.With the Ketorranean Diet Solution you will learn:?How to Balance Your Hormones?How to Heal Your Gut?How to Eliminate Inflammation and Related Disorders?How to Balance Blood Sugar?How to Boost Energy and Increase Longevity?How to Shift the Body to Efficiently Burn Fat as an Energy SourceElena wants to create a lifestyle, not a diet, that helps others feel more energized, heal their body and reach their ideal weight without feeling deprived. The key is eliminating the ingredients in your meals that are causing your body damage, and then substituting the correct, clean ingredients that will help you heal.

The Anti Aging Solution

Author: Vincent Giampapa
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471479321
Size: 22.19 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 196
A medically proven program to prevent and reverse the DNA damage that causes aging You have it in your power to retain the health, beauty, and vitality of youth well past fifty or sixty and beyond. All of us grow older, but it's a medically proven fact that how we age is a choice. With a few simple lifestyle changes, you can reap amazing visible and tangible benefits in just a few days--and this groundbreaking book shows you how. Written by an all-star team of internationally acclaimed anti-aging experts, The Anti-Aging Solution is the first guide to reveal how you can reverse aging on a genetic level. By following a uniquely effective five-step program--which includes stress-reduction techniques, easy-to-follow dietary guidelines, moderate exercise, inexpensive skin treatments, and supplements--you can reverse DNA damage, enhance DNA repair, and start to look younger, feel younger, and be younger right away. The Anti-Aging Solution shows you how to: * Say goodbye to aching joints, sagging skin, and fatigue * Improve the quality and function of the genetic material in your cells * Ramp up your body's self-repair functions * Increase your stamina, endurance, and sex drive * Dramatically improve your resistance to disease, including many cancers * Have more youthful, radiant skin