The Captain Class

Author: Sam Walker
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0812997204
Size: 54.47 MB
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A bold new theory of leadership drawn from elite captains throughout sports—named one of the best business books of the year by CNBC, The New York Times, Forbes, strategy+business, The Globe and Mail, and Sports Illustrated “The book taught me that there’s no cookie-cutter way to lead. Leading is not just what Hollywood tells you. It’s not the big pregame speech. It’s how you carry yourself every day, how you treat the people around you, who you are as a person.”—Mitchell Trubisky, quarterback, Chicago Bears Now featuring analysis of the five-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and their captain, Tom Brady The seventeen most dominant teams in sports history had one thing in common: Each employed the same type of captain—a singular leader with an unconventional set of skills and tendencies. Drawing on original interviews with athletes, general managers, coaches, and team-building experts, Sam Walker identifies the seven core qualities of the Captain Class—from extreme doggedness and emotional control to tactical aggression and the courage to stand apart. Told through riveting accounts of pressure-soaked moments in sports history, The Captain Class will challenge your assumptions of what inspired leadership looks like. Praise for The Captain Class “Wildly entertaining and thought-provoking . . . makes you reexamine long-held beliefs about leadership and the glue that binds winning teams together.”—Theo Epstein, president of baseball operations, Chicago Cubs “If you care about leadership, talent development, or the art of competition, you need to read this immediately.”—Daniel Coyle, author of The Culture Code “The insights in this book are tremendous.”—Bob Myers, general manager, Golden State Warriors “An awesome book . . . I find myself relating a lot to its portrayal of the out-of the-norm leader.”—Carli Lloyd, co-captain, U.S. Soccer Women’s National Team “A great read . . . Sam Walker used data and a systems approach to reach some original and unconventional conclusions about the kinds of leaders that foster enduring success. Most business and leadership books lapse into clichés. This one is fresh.”—Jeff Immelt, chairman and former CEO, General Electric “I can’t tell you how much I loved The Captain Class. It identifies something many people who’ve been around successful teams have felt but were never able to articulate. It has deeply affected my thoughts around how we build our culture.”—Derek Falvey, chief baseball officer, Minnesota Twins

The Captain Class The Hidden Force That Creates The World S Greatest Teams

Author: Sam Walker
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0857979167
Size: 22.87 MB
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The secret to winning is not what you think it is. It's not the coach. It's not the star. It's not chemistry. It's not a strategy. It's something else entirely. Several years ago, Sam Walker set out to answer one of the most hotly debated questions in sports: What are the greatest teams of all time? He devised a formula, then applied it to thousands of teams from leagues all over the world, from the English Premier League to the AFL to Olympic field hockey. When he was done, he had a list of the sixteen most dominant teams ever, period. At that point, he became obsessed with another, more complicated question: What did these freak teams have in common? As Walker dug more deeply, a pattern emerged: Each team had the same type of captain - a singular leader who drove it to sustained, historic periods of greatness. Fuelled by a lifetime of sports spectating, twenty years of reporting, and a decade of painstaking research, The Captain Class tells the surprising story of what makes teams exceptional. Drawing on original interviews with athletes from two dozen countries, as well as general managers, coaches, executives, and others skilled at building teams, Walker identifies the seven core qualities of this Captain Class - from doggedness and the knack for nonverbal communication to aggression and the courage to speak truth to power. Told through riveting accounts of some of the most pressure-soaked moments in sports history - from Bill Russell's legendary 'Coleman Play' in the 1957 NBA Finals to Rechelle Hawkes's extraordinary resilience in the Hockeyroos' 2000 Olympic victory - The Captain Class doesn't just bring these events to life; it presents a fresh, counterintuitive take on leadership that can be applied to a wide spectrum of competitive disciplines. The sixteen leaders who make up the Captain Class were never the most skilled, nor were they paragons of sportsmanship. They were often role players, allergic to the spotlight, and famously inarticulate. In short, they will challenge your assumptions of what inspired leadership looks like.

Ideas Que Pegan

Author: Chip Heath
Publisher: LID Editorial
ISBN: 8483566184
Size: 34.63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Chip Heath y Dan Heath explican por qué algunas ideas sobreviven y otras mueren.

Amazing Racers The Story Of America S Greatest Running Team And Its Revolutionary Coach

Author: Marc Bloom
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 164313177X
Size: 58.50 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The inspiring, untold story about a group of remarkable athletes and their groundbreaking coach who live and train in startling ways—and are redefining running excellence in the United States. What would one call taking teens with no evident running talent and challenging them with boundless hill training combined with mantras from rock ‘n’ roll, techniques from Kenya, philosophy from Australia, and turning them into champions? Is it revolutionary? Or a risky rebellion against running—and teenage—norms? Coach Bill Aris has heard both, but one thing is indisputable. Everything Aris does with his runners—male and female alike—is new and extraordinary, and he has created a new American running dynasty. The cross-country runners of Fayetteville-Manlius, or F-M, in upstate New York have dominated high school running for 15 years, sweeping boys’ and girls’ titles at the Nike Cross Nationals championships (NXN) in 2014 in an unprecedented achievement. The girls’ team, empowered by Aris’ unique, unwavering brand of gender equity, has won 11 of the last 13 NXN titles, some by margins of over 100 points. The boys’ team has the best cumulative national record of NXN podium performances. F-M domination has shocked the sport for its defiance of accepted running principles and limitations. One year at NXN, the F-M girls defeated the all-star field of top teams by an average of 59 seconds per girl in the 5k race. Another year, the girls ran faster than their teenage Kenyan counterparts, who competed in the Portland, Oregon event as an international showcase. Across the country, coaches awed by F-M and unaware of the team’s methods and discoveries, whispered, “How do they do it?” From adopting long-forgotten “Stotan” creeds—combining the rigors of a Spartan and stoic lifestyle—to delving into teenage developmental psychology and gender-blindness in training, Amazing Racers is a must read for millions of runners and the millions more who strive for better performance.

Life Is Magic

Author: Jon Dorenbos
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1982101261
Size: 19.88 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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“Jon Dorenbos is a magical person. Life Is Magic shows how we can all choose happiness in the face of overwhelming odds.” —Ellen DeGeneres An extraordinary and empowering story of resilience, forgiveness, and living a life of purpose in the face of unfathomable obstacles. You might recognize him as an NFL All-Pro or as an elite magician who made the finals of Amer­ica’s Got Talent and regularly appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But Jon Dorenbos says that what he does is not who he is. Who he is is someone forced, at the most tender of ages, to coach himself into turning tragedy to triumph. One morning in August 1992, when Jon was twelve years old and living a seemingly idyllic childhood in suburban Seattle, he woke up for baseball camp. His dad waved good-bye. Later that day, Jon heard the news: his father had murdered his mother in the family’s three-car garage. In an instant, his life had shattered. He’d been essentially orphaned. Thrust into foster care while his father stood trial for murder, Jon struggled. Left to himself, he discovered an unlikely escape performing magic tricks. If you found a way to alter your reality after your dad—your hero—killed your mom, wouldn’t you cling to it too? Then came football, which provided a release for all of Jon’s pent-up anger. Together, magic and football saved him, leading to fourteen NFL seasons on the gridiron and raucous sleight-of-hand perfor­mances to packed houses across the globe. In 2017, after being traded to the New Orleans Saints, Jon was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition. He had a choice: break down, or—as he’d long by now taught himself—bounce back. “Talk to yourself, don’t listen to yourself,” Dorenbos advises for those moments when the inner voice of self-doubt screams. In Life Is Magic, Dorenbos draws a road map for how to shut that voice up by choosing happi­ness. At his darkest times, he writes, he’s learned lessons of love, forgiveness, and perseverance. His story is poignant and powerful, told by a char­ismatic and optimistic man who has overcome life-or-death challenges with grace, persistence, a childlike sense of wonder...and jaw-dropping card tricks.

Lab Rats

Author: Dan Lyons
Publisher: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1786493950
Size: 21.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Guardian's Best Non-Fiction, 2019 The Tablet's Highlights of 2019 Personality tests. Team-building exercises. Forced Fun. Desktop surveillance. Open-plan offices. Acronyms. Diminishing job security. Hot desking. Pointless perks. Hackathons. If any of the above sound familiar, welcome to the modern economy. In this hilarious, but deadly serious book, bestselling author Dan Lyons looks at how the world of work has slowly morphed from one of unions and steady career progression to a dystopia made of bean bags and unpaid internships. And that's the 'good' jobs... With the same wit that made Disrupted an international bestseller, Lyons shows how the hypocrisy of Silicon Valley has now been exported globally to a job near you. Even low-grade employees are now expected to view their jobs with a cult-like fervour, despite diminishing prospects of promotion. From the gig economy to the new digital oligarchs, Lyons deliciously roasts the new work climate, while asking what can be done to recoup some sanity and dignity for the expanding class of middle-class serfs.

Leslie S

Author: John Albert Sleicher
Size: 65.41 MB
Format: PDF
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The Kingdom Seeker

Author: Thomas Francis Adams
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1434368343
Size: 51.63 MB
Format: PDF
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This critically acclaimed book by the holiest man ever born in America - the first Black captain of a White athletic team in world history and at a Christian high school and among the greatest track and field athletes of all time pound-per-pound - is about how the author predicted the record-breaking hurricane season of 2005 ten months in advance to George Bush, Vladimir Putin, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ismar Schorsch, David Posner, Ariel Sharon, Pope John Paul II, Michael Bloomberg, the Clintons, Raymond Kelly, senator Charles Schumer, and numerous others after claiming to these very same people both to be the greatest man Jesus ever knew and to have been killed (see 1 Corinthians 15:12-22) more than twenty times over the previous two decades by Satan and his murderous band of sinners, many of whom are gay men whom the author despises with a passion exactly because they always have a plan as regards a woman’s only pride and joy – her Christian husband - as such men are extremely rare, holy, and enormously special! In fact, such men are gods or kings. Mr. Adams has the Christian gift of prophecy and has done so accurately many, many times since 2005, all proving that Mr. Adams is indeed a very close friend of the Creator of the universe - a righteous man or prophet of the living God and akin to a Christian Vishnu, the ancient destroyer of worlds. The author has not fornicated or done drugs in nearly thirty years, hence his claim of sainthood. The better of people are great which is why you should always take their advice. The book contains two proofs of God’s existence in the universe by likely the greatest lay theologian of all time – of the ruthless connection between science and religion, one of which Sir Isaac Newton almost discovered over five hundred years ago. What Isaac Newton could not, Tom Adams, an inner-city, Black, child now a man, has done twice over. What the world truly needs is more baby-power and this book brings it in force. Baby-power are the facts that truth, beauty, love, faithfulness, and innocence are universal languages, unlike sin, and are such because saints, although rare, are real too. The book also adduces the secret of the only way known to the angels of heaven to create value or generate wealth – something every C.E.O. will need to know, especially in these volatile financial times - a secret that will make the book's readers billionaires within their lifetimes, guaranteed, assuming they are still young. According to the Holy Spirit, this book is the most perfect non-fiction title ever written and at this by what amounts to an almost completely unpracticed, neophyte, scribbler, him being more an engineer by temperament. Kirkus Discoveries says of “The Kingdom Seeker: the Diary of Saint Thomas the Divine,” in a mixed review:”....beautiful,” “ ...surprisingly well written,” “...competent religious rant,” and says that it, “...captures the rhythms of common speech in a startlingly precise and perceptive manner that recalls Jack Kerouac,” and says that “... any other books this man writes assuming he forgets about religion will be well worth reading.” Many kings and righteous men have either died in battle or been assassinated, but this is a book by a king that has defeated death over and over again for the last three decades and for this reason you must buy it immediately, because out of Africa come kings too. Why read any book that isn’t written by a prophet of the living God? It would, of course, be nice if Jesus Himself had written books. I, like anyone else that has good sense, am not very excited about reading anyone's books but His or seeing anyone's performances but His. But this is obviously to be short sighted. You should buy this book right now not only because it is very, very good but also because it is very, very important. This book is cheaper and earns its author the highest royalty possible anywhere only if purchased directly from this site. Be warned that the title of this book is not "Pagan Hordes of Israel," so this a book that many in America will not like! Any Christian that ever fails or isn't wealthier than Bill Gates at birth is under attack, but you have to be one of the real ones to have it this way. There are at least three kinds of failures in life: The first kind doesn't believe in himself when he obviously has the talent; the second and more common kind believes in and relies upon only himself but not God; and the third kind doesn't believe in, utilize, adequately compensate, or even acknowledge an obvious winner; we the gods know this and that all three kinds are losers! Everybody should simply ask God for wisdom, insight, understanding, discernment, and good sense like I did when I was a nine-year-old boy, and He will surely give you these things. You guys are the ones that have to put in my cause for beatification with the Vatican; I can't do this myself! More info available at TheKingdomSeekerOne.Blogspot.Com and YouTube channel TFADAM16.

Act Of War

Author: Dale Brown
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061738476
Size: 73.80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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From the corridors of power in Washington to the frontlines of the war on terror, Dale Brown takes you to the heart of the action and introduces his most exhilarating character to date In Act of War, Dale Brown goes beyond anything he's done before, taking readers deep into the new world of intelligence-focused warfare, and introducing a cutting-edge new hero: thirty-two-year-old Army Major Jason Richter, designer of a whole array of futuristic infantry weapons and devices created to hunt down a new breed of enemy with unmatched speed and lethality. With all the thrilling battle scenes and expert military maneuvers that have become the hallmark of this New York Times bestselling author, this is an intense, action-packed spectacle that combines geopolitics, terrorism, and warfare. Near Houston, Texas, an oil refinery belonging to one of the world's largest multinational energy companies is destroyed by a "backpack" nuclear device. This is just one of many attacks being perpetrated against the company around the world by a group whose mission is to stop global corporations and government organizations from plundering the world's natural resources in the name of profit. Before this group strikes again, Jason Richter is called in with his top-secret high-tech military unit, code-named Task Force TALON, a special joint military and FBI unit set up by the national security advisor to track down and defeat terrorists around the world. Richter believes there is only one strategy in which to snare his opponents -- find, pursue, engage, and kill. And the only way to do this is to play them at their own game: Be unconventional and swift, hit-and-run and brutal enough to strike fear into the heart of the most dedicated terrorist. Richter must also lead the way through a series of unexpected turns that eventually uncovers a mole high up within the government who is in pursuit of his own personal revenge. If Richter fails, it won't be just the lives of his team that are lost, but America itself.