The Carpenter

Author: Jon Gordon
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470888547
Size: 60.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Bestselling author Jon Gordon returns with his most inspiring book yet—filled with powerful lessons and the greatest success strategies of all. Michael wakes up in the hospital with a bandage on his head and fear in his heart. The stress of building a growing business, with his wife Sarah, caused him to collapse while on a morning jog. When Michael finds out the man who saved his life is a Carpenter he visits him and quickly learns that he is more than just a Carpenter; he is also a builder of lives, careers, people, and teams. As the Carpenter shares his wisdom, Michael attempts to save his business in the face of adversity, rejection, fear, and failure. Along the way he learns that there's no such thing as an overnight success but there are timeless principles to help you stand out, excel, and make an impact on people and the world. Drawing upon his work with countless leaders, sales people, professional and college sports teams, non-profit organizations and schools, Jon Gordon shares an entertaining and enlightening story that will inspire you to build a better life, career, and team with the greatest success strategies of all. If you are ready to create your masterpiece, read The Carpenter and begin the building process today.

The Winemaker

Author: Jon Gordon
ISBN: 9780470888575
Size: 10.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A young entrepreneur who has lost his company and fortune gives up hope and jumps off The Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately, in this business fable of true success, instead of losing his life he is saved by a homeless man who carries him to a nearby park. There the homeless man explains that a dream told him to go to the bridge to save the man who jumped off, then take the man to see the Winemaker. The pair embarks upon a challenging but life-changing journey through the wine country of California. First, they search for the special Winemaker who has a reputation for consistently making the best wine in the region, regardless of weather or the crop of grapes. Upon meeting the Winemaker, the young entrepreneur is taught the wine making technique, and ultimately the secret to true, consistent success.

Intelligence Sustainability And Strategic Issues In Management

Author: M. Afzalur Rahim
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351512110
Size: 62.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Social intelligence is defined as the ability to be aware of relevant social situational contexts; to deal with the contexts or challenges effectively; to understand others' concerns, feelings, and emotional states; and to interact appropriately in social situations and build and maintain positive relationships with others. Intelligence, Sustainability, and Strategic Issues in Management analytically discusses this concept within administrative and entrepreneurial managerial business environments.The volume opens with a study of academic department chairs' social intelligence and faculty members' satisfaction with annual evaluation of teaching and research at a US university. The seven other articles cover a range of topics, including a neurocognitive model of entrepreneurial opportunity, ownership dilution, sustainability in inventory management, the role of status in imitative behaviour, the negative impacts of embeddedness, product quality failures in international sourcing, and employers' use of social media in employment decisions.In addition to the articles, the volume also features a case study, "From Social Entrepreneur to Social Enterprise," a research note, "Reducing Job Burnout through Effective Conflict Management Strategy," five book reviews, and a list of books received.

Calling Up

Author: J.P. Nerbun
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1642793051
Size: 74.89 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Calling Up is a guide for coaches of all sports at all levels that presents a step-by-step process to building a transformational culture, starting with changing coaching behaviors, attitudes, and language. Modern-day coaches face the same challenges every day: entitled youth, overinvolved parents, and the community and administration’s expectation for wins. Coaching does not just take a great deal of time; it takes an emotional and physical toll, and coaches need to know they are not the only ones facing these struggles. After over 11 years of coaching, and his own coaching philosophy transformation, J.P. Nerbun felt called to share the hard lessons that could not be found in a book when he started coaching. Calling Up provides an easily accessible and inspiring story as J.P. details the transformative experience of a high school basketball coach named Daniel and his year-long struggle to keep his job while working to become the coach he always wanted to be. Apart from the entertaining and relatable story, which connects with coaches on a personal level, Calling Up provides coaches with principles based on scientific research and personal experience that explore how people learn, what motivates them, and the human condition. These principles are shared by some of the most highly qualified and successful coaches in sports and J.P. also provides specific tools and explains how those tools are applied within the context of a team. At the end of the day, Calling Up shows coaches not just how to build great athletes, but how to build great people.

Become An Energy Addict

Author: Jon Gordon
Publisher: Longstreet Press
ISBN: 9781563527180
Size: 55.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides strategies to help increase mental, physical, and spiritual energy in one' life.

Our Digital World

Author: Jon Gordon
Publisher: Paradigm Pub. International
ISBN: 9780763847562
Size: 66.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Power Of A Positive You

Author: Jon Gordon
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9781119430285
Size: 52.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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We are not positive because life is easy. We are positive because life can be hard. In life, you will face numerous obstacles, negativity, and tests. There will be times when it seems as if everything in the world is conspiring against you and your vision seems more like a fantasy than a reality. That’s why being a positive YOU is essential! Jon Gordon shares the proven principles and practices that a person can build to be the best you. He provides practical tools to help you overcome negativity and enhance your communication, connections, and commitment to yourself. Jon doesn’t just research the keys to be a better you; he has personally worked with countless individuals and has a keen understanding of how to build a better self. Jon not only infuses this book with the latest research, compelling stories, and strategies to maintain optimism through adversity… he also shares his best practices to transform negativity and practical ways to have difficult conversations—all designed to make a more positive, stronger and better you.

Fight The Good Fight

Author: B. A. Newman
Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group
ISBN: 1934937819
Size: 36.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Fight the Good Fight" provides inspiration for individuals who choose to embrace adversity in order to reach success. Over twenty years ago Ben Newman suffered the loss of her mother after years of watching her health deteriorate. After her tragic passing, his grandmother gave him an unexpected gift, in the form of a journal his mother left behind... Though the journal was intended to simply serve as a record of his mother's medical ordeal and not as a personal memoir for others, upon reading it Ben and his brother discovered a surprising abundance of wisdom imparted within its pages. Being able to see his mother's thoughts on how to live as a champion amidst the battle for her life inspired and touched Ben, as much as if this journal was a letter written personally to him. As Ben Newman shares select passages of the journal in his book, "Fight the Good Fight," his greatest hope is that you as the reader will be inspired and encouraged by his mother's struggle and endurance. A journey that is poignant, emotional, and sometimes heartbreaking, this is a story that you will remember forever in your soul. "This book really touched me. I believe it will cause you to reflect upon and honor the heroes of your past and inspire you to create your future." -Jon Gordon, Author of "The Energy Bus" and "Training Camp" "'Fight the Good Fight' will enable you to live with more purpose and conviction, and will provide the tools to unleash the champion in you " -Roland Williams, 8-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl Champion

The 10 Minute Energy Solution

Author: Jon Gordon
Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group
Size: 11.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A thirty-day program for increasing physical, mental, and spiritual energy shares such recommendations as taking short walks and substituting green tea for coffee as a means of enabling personal rejuvenation. By the author of Energy Addict. 25,000 first printing.