The Dark Science Of Logical Fallacies

Author: Kazi Khurram
ISBN: 9781520876702
Size: 15.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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#1 BEST SELLER IN AMAZON'S LOGIC CATEGORY.Brewing deep within the soul of so many rapid risers is The Dark Science of Logical Fallacies; secret, seemingly innocent hypnotic phrases that titans of industry, cult leaders, politicians and big media players leverage to suck you dry of your money, your freedom and your power to choose. Ignore these, and you'll lose. Know them, and opponents weapons of mental destruction lose their power over you--so you can reclaim your freedom to think, see through any erroneous argument, turn the table and move even the most adept persuasion master into your corner--in Just 30 Minutes. In fact,24 fallacious arguments transform you into a wizard of debate with SUBTLE & OBVIOUS EXAMPLES &5 memory anchors that systematically reprogram you to pull these powers of persuasion from your war chest--precisely when you need them most. So you can quickly, easily and naturally...* Persuade your friend or family member to leave their cult or vote for your candidate...* Talk people into believing in things that don't exist...(don't worry, it's all in fun, you'll know how to talk them out of it!)* Convince your bartender to give you free refills...or that hottie to give you her number...* And use this covert hypnosis against your boss so they give you that fat raise and promotion you deserve...and think it was his idea!It doesn't matter if you want to win any argument, get revenge against mental warlocks or simply use this to get paid more, this masters guide to logical fallacies guarantees you the power to defend, defeat & conquer ...Don't wait. Start unleashing these 24 logical fallacies the next time you need to get what you want. Just click the Buy Now button and transform yourself today.