The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey

Author: Sam Lawrence
ISBN: 9780995234024
Size: 80.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey is a beautifully illustrated journey of Timmy and his best friend the Little Fart as they attend Timmy's first hockey tryouts. Chaos and laughter ensue as the Fart attempts to help out his best friend the only way he knows how.

The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey Coloring Book

Author: Ben Jackson
ISBN: 9781988656076
Size: 79.92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3695
TIMMY AND HIS BEST FRIEND THE LITTLE FART ARE PLAYING HOCKEY THIS TIME AROUND! If you enjoyed The Day My Fart Followed Me To Hockey then you'll love the coloring book! If your children love to color, then they'll love to put their own personal spin on Timmy and the Little Fart. Who doesn't love to COLOUR? We know we do! If you would like to color Timmy and the Little Fart yourself, then don't hesitate to grab a copy for your kids! Discover and giggle along with Timmy and his best friend with adventures on the ice.

Tropic Of Hockey

Author: Dave Bidini
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
ISBN: 155199674X
Size: 17.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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One hot afternoon in 1998, Dave Bidini – who loves hockey, watches it, plays it, and breathes it – found the Stanley Cup final so tedious to watch that at one point he clicked channels to Martha Stewart – and never switched back. This made him wonder where in the world the game might exist free of the complications of professional sport. He set out to find the tropic of hockey. His quest took him to a rink on the seventh storey of a mall in Hong Kong – a rink encircled by a dragon-headed roller coaster – and to the gritty city of Harbin in northern China, where a version of hockey has been played for 600 years; to Dubai in the desert of the United Emirates, where hockey is brand new and incredulous Bedouin drop by the Al Ain rink to touch the ice; and to Transylvania, where the game is a war between Romanians and ethnic Hungarians, who were introduced to hockey by a 1929 newsreel of Canadians chasing the puck. Bidini’s encounters with odd-sized rinks and players of wildly different talents and experiences have inspired him to interweave his stories of hockey in unlikely places with funny and eyebrow-raising stories about places and players back in Canada. As a bonus, readers are also treated to some striking observations about the game, its fans, and the testosterone, the profanity, and the moments of grace that enrich it.

My Road Hockey Obsession

Author: Curt Solomon
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491756195
Size: 47.67 MB
Format: PDF
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The whole world knows how much hockey is a vital part of Canadian culture. The cold winters, old rinks, and frozen ponds are ubiquitous to millions of Canadians and contextual for countless more across the world. Even for those who didn’t play ice hockey, the game still became palpable. In My Road Hockey Obsession, author Curt Solomon tells the story of a group of young friends building their lives, friendships, and adolescence around road hockey. For Solomon, road hockey was much, much more than a pastime. It was the only pastime. When he started playing road hockey, he knew he had found the city of gold, and there was no use looking for or pursuing any other activity. In this unique story built entirely around ball hockey, Solomon shares how he and his friends transformed a simple pastime into the most bonding and durable period of their lives. Road hockey was how they grew up, how they communicated, how they thought, and how they forged life-long memories. My Road Hockey Obsession narrates a joyous story that sparks nostalgia—the days of orange balls, plastic blades, and the hollow sound of wooden sticks on asphalt.

Hockey Talk

Author: M. Gordon Hunter
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1543468349
Size: 54.70 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This is another book about hockey. But this one is unique. It contains many stories by and about individuals who broadcast play-by-plays of major junior and provincial junior A games from arenas across Canada. There are even a few chapters about broadcasters from teams in the United States that play in Canadian leagues. There are major junior chapters from the Western Hockey League (WHL), the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL). Chapters from provincial junior A leagues include British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Maritimes. Some of the contributors for this book wrote their own chapters. Others preferred to be interviewed. In all cases, the final version of each chapter was approved by the contributor. The chapters include many descriptions of broadcasters experiences. They describe their early experiences with hockey. Some played, while others listened on the radio, watched on TV, or attended games. The stories include how they became involved as play-by-play broadcasters and who were direct or indirect mentors. Each broadcaster recounts their memories of the first game they called. They also describe some of the notable players, coaches, and color commentators. Where possible, there are even some bus stories. Each chapter concludes with a comment about what the experience of broadcasting play-by-play has meant to each individual.

Hockey Dreams

Author: David Adams Richards
Publisher: Anchor Canada
ISBN: 0307363813
Size: 25.31 MB
Format: PDF
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With a voice as Canadian as winter, David Adams Richards reflects on the place of hockey in the Canadian soul. The lyrical narrative of Hockey Dreams flows from Richards' boyhood games on the Miramichi to heated debates with university professors who dare to back the wrong team. It examines the globalization of hockey, and how Canadians react to the threat of foreigners beating us at "our" game. Part memoir, part essay on national identity, part hockey history, Hockey Dreams is a meditation by one of Canada's finest writers on the essence of the game that helps define our nation.

Shades Of The Moon

Author: Eric James
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465317481
Size: 11.10 MB
Format: PDF
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The move from the City to the Suburbs was a huge change, even though I was young when it happened. People in the suburbs were a lot different than the city and we as kids thought it was paradise. Boy were we wrong. Most people in this town are fake, corrupted, selfish, and overall ASSHOLES, in my opinion. A lot of politics I wont get into but you might see some of it. From the time I turned seventeen, to about twenty two, Ive gone threw some pretty interesting experiences. My life entailed robbing, stealing, fighting, drugs & drug dealing, alcohol, women, kidnapping, sports, and of course fighting. Ive had my ups and downs, arrested eleven times but never locked up, so I guess Im pretty lucky, or have a very good lawyer; just had a few over nighters in a holding cell. My family is very close and we chill together all the time. Id do anything for them, some not for me, but thats just the way they are. I guess they call me the crazy one, but honestly, every family needs someone like me. From my tales to tell, overall I wouldnt take any of it back. I love my life and how I lived it. I feel my past was lived to the fullest and my crew thugged it out for years. I know that most of the trouble I got into was because of the choices I made, and even then I knew that it was the wrong path to take, but I just didnt care. While these adventures where happening, I knew my life would be change for the better once I finished school and landed a good set job. Though it seemed like it took forever, I finally did finish school and became full time at the position Id been working at for a few years. That is when my life started. I enjoyed being young and dumb, as they say, but now its time to grow up and become a man. Ive gone through plenty of friends over the years, some lost due to changes schools or choosing different cliques in school, others lost on bad terms; sometimes I knew why and others I didnt understand. I lost a couple very close best friends and also gained new ones. Life is a struggle, I struggled through it but was able to surpass. I got through the tough times, enjoyed the memorable times, and here are my stories to tell. This book will deliver my resume of an uncontrolled substance that almost ruined my life. The rage and power I absorbed through fisting a persons face brought happiness to me. Every true street fighter will tell you theyve gotten their ass kicked at least once in their life, and probably didnt like it. I on the other hand loved it. The more I got hit the more aggressive I became, trying to destroy anything in my path. It became so much of an addiction that I looked for it all the time and even threw down with my own brother. I loved to fight and was pretty good at it but it almost got me killed a few times. My stories here are all true, but some names may have been altered for confidentiality purposes. In no way am I trying to disrespect anyone, past or present, because its a story about my life but a lot of others are involved as well. Overall, I have been in over fifty legit street fights, mostly in a five year range and these are the main tales. Other than fighting and the mischief Im actually a really nice person and a great athlete. My whole life has been based around sports and my entire family is athletes, including the girls. Though I pursued a sports career I still found myself living the Hip Hop lifestyle, which made me the person I am today. I speak mostly of the bad experiences rather than the good because everyone has their good moments and the awful times are the juiciest. I give a lot of credit to my parents for putting up with me all these years and I know what theyve done for me and I really do appreciate it. They are the best parents any kid can ever ask for, and to put them through what I did was a horrible thing to do, so Im truly sorry. Like the saying goes, what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger, I guess Im

Eastern Standard Tribe

Author: Cory Doctorow
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781429972697
Size: 73.67 MB
Format: PDF
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From Cory Doctorow, a powerful and funny novel about time, tribalism, and a young man's dismaying discoveries about his own life Scathing, bitter and funny, Eastern Standard Tribe examines the immutable truths of time, and of societies rebuilt in the storm of instant, ubiquitous communication. Art is an up-and-coming interface designer, working on the management of data flow along the Massachusetts Turnpike. He's doing the best work of his career and can guarantee that the system will be, without a question, the most counterintuitive, user-hostile piece of software ever pushed forth onto the world. Why? Because Art is an industrial saboteur. He may live in London and work for an EU telecommunications megacorp, but Art's real home is the Eastern Standard Tribe. Instant wireless communication puts everyone in touch with everyone else, 24 hours a day. But one thing hasn't changed: the need for sleep. The world is slowly splintering into Tribes held together by a common time zone, less than family and more than nations. Art is working to humiliate the Greenwich Mean Tribe to the benefit of his own people. But in a world without boundaries, nothing can be taken for granted-not happiness, not money, and most certainly not love. Which might explain why Art finds himself stranded on the roof of an insane asylum outside Boston, debating whether to push a pencil into his brain.... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Television Bedpans And Me

Author: Beverley Keegan
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781475925524
Size: 59.97 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Growing up in a small mining town in New South Wales, Australia, during World War II, Beverley Keegan knew that she wanted to become a nurse. Her adventures began when she traveled on an overnight train to the big city of Sydney to commence her nursing training. Once she became a nurse, her working life continued for more than fifty years in various locations in Australia, New Guinea, and the Red Centre around Alice Springs. Television, Bedpans, and Me tells the true story of the many adventures she encountered as she traveled around Australia during her nursing career. Her story follows the amazing growth of medicine from basic nursing in the fifties to the electronic age of today. At the same time, the advent of television followed her as she moved from state to state and from Sydney to the Australian Outback. This memoir shares the journey taken by one woman, including humorous tales, pathos, and ordinary family occurrences that colour all of our lives, while tracing the development of the miracles of modern medicine. In Television, Bedpans, and Me, Keegan lovingly recounts her experiences as a registered nurse and recalls the people she has nursed and worked with for over half a century.