The Good Nurse

Author: Charles Graeber
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN: 178239348X
Size: 74.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'...aside from the murders , Charles Cullen might have been a pretty good nurse...' The true story of the most prolific serial killer in US history, The Good Nurse is 'a stunning book... that should and does bring to mind In Cold Blood' New York Times After his December 2003 arrest, registered nurse Charlie Cullen was quickly dubbed 'The Angel of Death' by the media. But Cullen was no mercy killer, nor was he a simple monster. He was a favourite son, husband, beloved father, best friend, and celebrated caregiver. Implicated in the deaths of as many as 300 patients, he was also perhaps the most prolific serial killer in American history. Cullen's murderous career in the world's most trusted profession spanned sixteen years and nine hospitals across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Investigative journalist Charles Graeber's portrait of Cullen depicts a surprisingly intelligent and complicated young man whose promising career was overwhelmed by his compulsion to kill, and whose shy demeanor masked a twisted interior life hidden even to his family and friends. Were it not for the hardboiled, unrelenting work of two former Newark homicide detectives racing to put together the pieces of Cullen's professional past, and a fellow nurse willing to put everything at risk, including her job and the safety of her children, there's no telling how many more lives could have been lost. In the tradition of In Cold Blood, The Good Nurse does more than chronicle Cullen's deadly career and the breathless efforts to stop him; it paints an incredibly vivid portrait of madness and offers an urgent, terrifying tale of murder, friendship and betrayal.

Medical Madness

Author: George Huber
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1496919793
Size: 36.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A PATIENT'S PERSPECTIVE: There have been an increasing number of articles and books by medical professionals warning us of the hospital dangers, but very few by patients based on their personal experience. This I will guarantee; your awareness of my experience will drastically change your perception of our medical service. You will be less certain, less trusting, more perceptively critical, but safer. Hospitals kill 100,000 patients per year mostly through unintended medical errors. Medical complications following my routine procedure were so severe it resulted in horrific corrective measures exposing me to months of accumulated hospital treatment. The book portrays vividly and honestly how one is more likely to be killed in the hospital than anywhere else on the planet. So read on! That makes the hospital, our haven of wellness, the most dangerous institution in the world. The life you save may be your own - or one even more precious to you. I was fortunate (lucky enough) to survive five major surgeries, with complications, in as many years. This book describes my experience in vivid detail--with essential recommendations regarding what you need to know and do for those you care for before you become a patient.


Author: David J. George
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315354489
Size: 23.71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A unique book on recognition and investigation of criminal poisoning for investigators of all backgrounds and stages of their careers. Poisons: An Introduction for Forensic Investigators is a concise yet comprehensive overview of toxicants and unanticipated circumstances in which poisoning occurs. This book expands awareness of poisoning possibilities, heightens recognition of the toxic potential of many substances, and provides information to aid in focusing investigations. Poisons discusses life-threatening toxic substances and agents that modify behavior to achieve criminal goals. These include drugs that facilitate sexual assaults and robberies, and those found in medical child abuse and drug-product tampering. More than 230 case studies illustrate both unintentional and intentional poisoning and highlight situations where poisoning may not immediately be apparent. Information is included in pertinent criminal poisoning cases to illustrate the temperament of poisoners, their relationship to victims, their basis for poison selection, and their method of administration. Since Poisons is written by a single author, the discussions, format, educational level, and terminology remain consistent to aid crime scene investigators, homicide detectives, forensic scientists, death investigators, toxicologists, medical examiners, attorneys, and students. The book's more than 650 references are an asset to frame knowledge as well as a resource to return to again and again.

The Death Shift

Author: Peter Elkind
Publisher: Diversion Books
ISBN: 1682301583
Size: 56.73 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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One of the most shocking and insidious cases in the history of medicine: the crimes of one nurse were hidden by a hospital for years... It’s 1980, and Genene Jones is working the 3 to 11 PM shift in the pediatric ICU in San Antonio's county hospital. As the weeks go by, infants under her care begin experiencing unexpected complications—and dying—in alarming numbers, prompting rumors that there is a murderer among the staff. Her eight-hour shift would come to be called “the death shift.” This strange epidemic would continue unabated for more than a year, before Jones is quietly sent off—with a good recommendation—to a rural pediatric clinic. There, eight children under her care mysteriously stopped breathing—and a 15-month-old baby girl died. In May 1984, Jones was finally arrested, leading to a trial that revealed not only her deeply disturbed mind and a willingness to kill, but a desire to play ‘God’ with the lives of the children under her care. More shocking still, it was discovered that the hospital had shredded records and remained silent about Jones’ horrific deeds, obscuring the full extent of her spree and prompting grieving parents to ask: Why? Elkind chronicles Jones' rampage, her trials, and the chilling aftermath of one of the most horrific crimes in America, and turns his piercing gaze onto those responsible for its cover-up. It is a tale with special relevance today, as prosecutors, distraught parents, and victims' advocates struggle to keep Jones behind bars, despite her scheduled mandatory release from a Texas prison in early 2018. “Intriguing...A horrifying true-life medical thriller...” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY “Gripping...A remarkable journalistic achievement!”—NEWSWEEK “Murder, madness, and medicine...superb!”—LIBRARY JOURNAL “Shocking...true crime reporting at its most compelling.”—BOOKLIST

Nypd Blue

Author: Max Allan Collins
Publisher: Signet
ISBN: 9780451183927
Size: 26.51 MB
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When a pair of armed intruders bursts into Detective Andy Sipowicz's apartment, he quickly concludes they are out to get him, and that he has put his new wife in danger. But everyone involved in the case believes Andy's wife, a prosecutor who has made plenty of enemies herself, could just as easily have been the target. Soon they will all find that the cold, hard truth is far more complicated, as it becomes quite clear that nothing is as it seems.


Size: 42.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Evidence Of Murder

Author: Bill McClellan
Publisher: Onyx Books
ISBN: 9780451403476
Size: 61.20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In the harrowing tradition of Precious Victims--an unforgettable true-crime thriller also set in St. Louis. A seemingly open-and-shut case of accidental drowning is slowly unraveled to reveal a sordid story of wife and child abuse, sex, money, scurrilous lies, and a corrupt criminal justice system, in this riveting account of a man who murdered his wife--and nearly got away with it. Photographs.