My Heart Laid Bare

Author: Charles Baudelaire
ISBN: 9781940625218
Size: 40.44 MB
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A series of aphorisms, reflections, and meditations on love, writing, art, politics, and society, as well as Baudelaire's notes for a projected magazine, The Philosopher Owl, and select pieces from his cahiers. Spurred by Poe's notion of the heart laid bare, this is a crystallization of Baudelaire's spirit, hence a genuine revelation of his self

My Heart Laid Bare

Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Publisher: Ecco
ISBN: 9780062269256
Size: 80.20 MB
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Finally returned to print in a beautiful paperback edition, a haunting gothic tale of a nineteenth-century immigrant family of confidence artists—a story of morality, duplicity, and retribution that explores the depths of human manipulation and vulnerability The patriarch of the Licht family, Abraham has raised a brood of talented con artists, children molded in his image, and experts in The Game, his calling and philosophy of life. Traveling from one small town to the next across the continent, from the Northeast to the frontier West, they skillfully swindle unsuspecting victims, playing on their greed, lust, pride, and small-mindedness. Despite their success, Abraham cannot banish a past that haunts him: the ghost of his ancestor Sarah Licht, a former con woman who met with a gruesome fate. As Abraham involves his family in more and more complex and impressive schemes, he finds himself caught between the specter of Sarah and the growing terrors of his present. While his carefully crafted lies and schemes begin to fracture and disintegrate before his eyes, Abraham discovers that the bond of family is as tenuous and treacherous as the tricks he perpetrates upon unsuspecting strangers.

The Heart Laid Bare

Author: Michel Tremblay
Publisher: McClelland and Stewart
ISBN: 9780771085772
Size: 19.59 MB
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A fusty academic falls in love with a young actor who also has a four-year-old son.

The Passion Of Michel Foucault

Author: James Miller
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674001572
Size: 10.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Based on extensive new research and a bold interpretation of the man and his texts, The Passion of Michel Foucault is a startling look at one of this century's most influential philosophers. It chronicles every stage of Foucault's personal and professional odyssey, from his early interest in dreams to his final preoccupation with sexuality and the nature of personal identity.

The Unknown Poe

Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Publisher: City Lights Books
ISBN: 9780872861107
Size: 65.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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An indispensable anthology of brilliant hard-to-find writings by Poe on poetry, the imagination, humor, and the sublime which adds a new dimension to his stature as a speculative thinker and philosopher. Essays (in translation) by Charles Baudelaire Stephane Mallarme, Paul Valery, & Andre Breton shed light on Poe's relevance within European literary tradition.