The Collected Works Of H G Wells

Author: H. G. Wells
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An ultimate collection of novels, short stories and essays, by the visionary author, the "father of science fiction” - H. G. Wells: The Time Machine The Undying Fire The War in the Air The War of the Worlds The World Set Free A Modern Utopia When the Sleeper Wakes Ann Veronica Bealby In the Days of the Comet The Chronic Argonauts The First Men in the Moon The Invisible Man The Island of Dr Moreau The New Machiavelli The Passionate Friends The Prophetic Trilogy The Research Magnificent The Sea Lady The Secret Places of the Heart The Soul of a Bishop Tono-bungay Collections of Short Stories Short Stories: A Catastrophe A Deal in Ostriches A Dream of Armageddon A Slip Under the Microscope A Story of the Days to Come A Story of the Stone Age A Tale of the Twentieth Century A Talk with Gryllotalpa How Gabriel Became Thompson How Pingwill Was Routed In the Abyss Le Mari Terrible Miss Winchelsea's Heart Mr. Brisher's Treasure Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation Mr. Marshall's Doppelganger Mr. Skelmersdale in Fairyland My First Aeroplane Our Little Neighbour Perfect Gentleman on Wheels Pollock and the Porroh Man The Empire of the Ants The Flying Man The Grisly Folk The Inexperienced Ghost The Land Ironclads The Lord of the Dynamos The Loyalty of Esau Common The Magic Shop The Man Who Could Work Miracles The Man with a Nose The Moth The New Accelerator The New Faust The Obliterated Man The Pearl of Love The Presence by the Fire The Purple Pileus The Rajah's Treasure The Reconciliation The Red Room The Sea Raiders The Star The Stolen Body The Story of the Last Trump The Story of the Stone Age The Temptation of Harringay The Thing in No. 7 The Thumbmark The Treasure in the Forest The Wild Asses of the Devil Through a Window Under the Knife Walcote Wayde's Essence Essays and Articles: A Short History of the World Floor Games Little Wars New Worlds for Old Russia in the Shadows The Misery of Boots The Outline of History Zoological Retrogression What Is Coming ...

The History Of The World

Author: H. G. Wells
Publisher: Classic Publishers
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High quality reprint of The History of the World by H.G. Wells.

The Reception Of H G Wells In Europe

Author: Patrick Parrinder
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847144446
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H.G. Wells was described by one of his European critics as a 'seismograph of his age'. He is one of the founding fathers of modern science fiction, and as a novelist, essayist, educationalist and political propagandist his influence has been felt in every European country. This collection of essays by scholarly experts shows the varied and dramatic nature of Wells's reception, including translations, critical appraisals, novels and films on Wellsian themes, and responses to his own well-publicized visits to Russia and elsewhere. The authors chart the intense ideological debate that his writings occasioned, particularly in the inter-war years, and the censorship of his books in Nazi Germany and Francoist Spain. This book offers pioneering insights into Wells's contribution to 20th century European literature and to modern political ideas, including the idea of European union. Reception of H.G. Wells in Europe Review

H G Wells

Author: J. D. Beresford
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
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"J.D. Beresford's 1915 study on the early works of this classic British author presents insights on everything from The war of the worlds to The time machine to The invisible man -- and everything in between. Socialism, feminism, and politics are but a few of the areas Beresford explores in this remarkable piece of scholarship." On back cover.

The War Of The Worlds Science Fiction Classic

Author: H. G. Wells
Publisher: e-artnow
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This carefully crafted ebook: "The War of The Worlds (Science Fiction Classic)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel. It is the first-person narrative of an unnamed protagonist in Surrey and that of his younger brother in London as Earth is invaded by Martians. It is one of the earliest stories that detail a conflict between mankind and an extraterrestrial race. The novel is one of the most commented-on works in the science fiction canon. The War of the Worlds has two parts, Book One: The Coming of the Martians and Book Two: The Earth under the Martians. The unnamed narrator, a philosophically inclined author, struggles to return to his wife while seeing the Martians lay waste to the southern country outside London. Book One also imparts the experience of his brother, also unnamed, who describes events as they deteriorate in the capital, forcing him to escape the Martian onslaught by boarding a paddle steamer near Tillingham, on the Essex coast. Herbert George Wells (1866 - 1946), known as H. G. Wells, was a prolific English writer in many genres, including the novel, history, politics, and social commentary, and textbooks and rules for war games.

The Lost World Classics Ultimate Collection

Author: H. G. Wells
Publisher: e-artnow
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Musaicum Books presents to you this unique SF collection, designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Contents: H. G. Wells: The Shape of Things to Come Abraham Merritt: The Moon Pool The Metal Monster Dwellers in the Mirage The People of the Pit Arthur Conan Doyle: The Lost World Jules Verne: Journey to the Center of the Earth Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea The Mysterious Island Edward Bulwer-Lytton: The Coming Race George MacDonald: Lilith H. Rider Haggard: King Solomon's Mines She: A History of Adventure Gertrude Barrows Bennett (aka Francis Stevens): The Citadel of Fear Lewis Grassic Gibbon: Three Go Back Francis Bacon: New Atlantis C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne: The Lost Continent

The Time Machine 100 Copy Limited Edition

Author: H. G. Wells
Publisher: SF Classic
ISBN: 9781772265538
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Testing his time machine for the first time, a Victorian scientist finds himself in the year 802,701 AD. He encounters a childlike people called the Eloi. But when his time machine is stolen by a brutish subterranean people called the Morlock, the Time Traveller must enter their realm in order to continue his journey through time.

New York

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