The Holy Land

Author: Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191528676
Size: 12.80 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Of immense significance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the Holy Land has been attracting visitors since the fifth century BC. Covering all the main sites both in the city of Jerusalem and throughout the Holy Land and including over 150 high quality site plans, maps, diagrams, and photographs, this book provides the ultimate visitor guide to the rich archaeological heritage of the region. Fully updated with all the latest information, this new edition includes updates on the crucial recent developments at the Holy Sepulchre and on six completely new sites, including a Middle Bronze Age water system in Jerusalem and what may be the original Pool of Siloam.

Into Thin Places

Author: Robert P. Vande Kappelle
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1498273513
Size: 22.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this third volume of his Adventures in Spirituality trilogy, Dr. Robert Vande Kappelle travels from Amsterdam to Cairo in search of his cultural and spiritual roots, inviting readers to join him in exploring fabled places across the Mediterranean World. Despite the grave problems centered in this region, it is the birthplace of Western civilization and the source of the world's three guiding religions. Readers unfamiliar with the emergence and development of Western civilization will find Into Thin Places a compelling introduction; others will discover here a new perspective. Affirming the human quest for adventure, meaning, and wholeness, Professor Vande Kappelle beckons adventurers to enjoy the wonderful experiences described in the book's travel entries. Those seeking historical and cultural perspective will want to examine the numerous explanatory entries scattered throughout the narrative. These vignettes expand and deepen the storyline, piquing curiosity about seminal events, persons, and places that helped shape Western sensibility. As Dr. Vande Kappelle points out in his closing chapter, our world is in a state of crisis, precipitated by numerous factors but primarily by the loss of the sacred. Whether the current crisis is curable is debatable, but it will clearly require massive cultural reorientation. More importantly, it will require a transformation of the human spirit and a commitment of will. Into Thin Places encourages readers to find thin places--places transparent to the divine--in their own transformative journeys of discovery.

Elenchus Of Biblica

Author: Robert Althann
Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop
ISBN: 9788876536182
Size: 44.59 MB
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The Aerial Atlas Of The Holy Land

Author: John Bowker
Size: 43.23 MB
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"The Aerial Atlas of the Holy Land takes you on a breathtaking flight over the land and its famous sites. It maps them and explains their setting in the history of the three great religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, emphasising their rich biblical, cultural and religious significance." "The Aerial Atlas of the Holy Land celebrates the beauty, mystery, and grandeur of the region. It offers the reader a series of breathtaking aerial portraits and fascinating maps of 35 areas with their archaeological sites, and explains the richness and complexity of their age-old history. The result is a beautiful and relevant reference work on one of history's most fascinating locations."--BOOK JACKET.


Author: Amanda Claridge
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191501387
Size: 43.46 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The city of Rome is the largest archaeological site in the world, capital and showcase of the Roman Empire and the centre of Christian Europe. This guide provides: · Coverage of all the important sites in the city from 800 BC to AD 600 and the start of the early middle ages, drawing on the latest discoveries and the best of recent scholarship · Over 220 high-quality maps, site plans, diagrams and photographs · Sites divided into fourteen main areas, with star ratings to help you plan and prioritize your visit: Roman Forum; Upper Via Sacra; Palatine; Imperial Forums; Campus Martius; Capitoline Hill; Circus Flaminius to Circus Maximus; Colosseum and Esquiline hill; Caelian hill and the inner via Appia; Lateran to Porta Maggiore; Viminal hill; Pyramid to Testaccio; the outer via Appia; other outlying sites; Museums and Catacombs. · Introduction offering essential background to the history and culture of ancient Rome, placing the city in the context of the development of the empire, highlighting the nature of Roman achievement, and explaining how Rome came to be the largest city in the ancient world. · Comprehensive glossaries of Rome's building materials, techniques and building types, a chronological table of kings, emperors, and the early popes, information about opening times, references and suggestions for further reading and a detailed user-friendly index. For this new edition the original text has been extensively revised, adding over 20 more sites and illustrations, the itineraries have been re-organized and expanded to suit the many changes that have taken place in the past decade, and the practical information and references have been fully updated.

Walford S Guide To Reference Material Social And Historical Sciences Philosophy And Religion

Author: Albert John Walford
Publisher: London : Library Association Pub.
Size: 19.65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A revised and updated guide to reference material. It contains selective and evaluative entries to guide the enquirer to the best source of reference in each subject area, be it journal article, CD-ROM, on-line database, bibliography, encyclopaedia, monograph or directory. It features full critical annotations and reviewers' comments and comprehensive author-title and subject indexes. The contents include: philosophy and psychology; religion; social sciences, sociology, statistics, politics, economics, labour and employment; land and property, business organizations, finance and banking, and economic surveys; economic policies and controls, trade and commerce, business and management, and law; public administration, social services and welfare, education, customs and traditions; geography; biography; and history.

The Holy City Of Jerusalem

Author: Marcia Amidon Lüsted
Publisher: Lucent
ISBN: 9781590180280
Size: 42.99 MB
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Provides an overview of the history of Jerusalem, focusing on some of the city's architecture.