The Ketogenic Cookbook

Author: Jimmy Moore
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
ISBN: 9781628600780
Size: 12.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In 2013, the fifth-most Googled diet search term was "ketogenic"; in 2014, it rose to number two. Now, The Ketogenic Cookbook, one of the most highly anticipated cookbooks of 2015, is set to be the ultimate resource for the growing number of people interested in eating a low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat diet to lose weight, improve their health, and heal their bodies from the inside out. In this first-of-its-kind collection, Jimmy Moore, leading low-carb diet blogger and podcaster and bestselling author of Keto Clarity, joins forces with fellow keto advocate and nutritionist Maria Emmerich to bring you more than 150 delicious, real food–based, keto-friendly recipes that are ideal for anyone who wants to be in nutritional ketosis or simply wants to eat healthier. In addition, The Ketogenic Cookbook explains why a ketogenic diet can help treat chronic illnesses from type 2 diabetes to heart disease to epilepsy, offers practical advice for pursuing nutritional ketosis, outlines the unique combination of whole foods that will help you become ketogenic, and much more. If you're seeking a healthier way to eat that will help heal your body of damage done by years of eating tons of sugar and carbs, the ketogenic diet may be for you. There's no need to sacrifice taste for good health!

The Anti Inflammatory Keto

Author: Kate Shaw
ISBN: 9781691834822
Size: 44.56 MB
Format: PDF
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Doubling up on Keto and AIP recipes can be a fantastic way to balance your blood sugar and promote gut health while watching your allergiesThere are a lot of people following a keto diet who, to my way of thinking, still consume processed foods and sweeteners which don't raise blood glucose but which could lead to an autoimmune flare. These same individuals may also consume sugar in foods which have low overall carbs.After 18 years of fighting multiple autoimmune diseases with traditional western meds, I was to a point where the meds no longer helped. My doctor said there was nothing that could help.I researched and found the Autoimmune Paleo Diet Protocol and knew it was the answer. Within a month I was off all meds and felt better than in years. (This was 5 years ago.) I've stayed with it but have flares as illness or anxiety/worry get the better of me. Taking it a step further, I've been AIP/Keto for 2+ months and have found energy and focus and lost weight. It wasn't too hard going from AIP to AIP/Keto. The benefits are so worth it. I don't want to eat any other way.It sounds like this Ketogenic AIP is even more restrictive than AIP and, in some respects it is, but I found it MUCH easier to incorporate this into my life as compared to AIP which I found VERY hard at the beginning.Maybe I am just used to eating in a restricted fashion but I didn't find it nearly as hard to start Ketogenic AIP.The need to combine the two (2) diet led to the formulation of over 200 recipes available in this cookbook. For the past 2 years I have been gathering and creating recipes for Ketogenic AIP dietThe book contains over 160 recipes with nutritional information for all 7 basic allergies and diet which include but not limited to AIP, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo, Grain Free, Nut Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free and WholeThe scrumptious recipes are classified in Breakfast, Main Dishes and Side Dishes, very easy to make and will help you lose weight while nourishing your body

The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook

Author: Mark Sisson
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0525576770
Size: 12.70 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 350
On the heels of Mark Sisson's best-selling book The Keto Reset Diet comes an all-new cookbook, with 150 keto-aligned recipes to help you slim down, get healthy, and go keto the right way. You will transition away from carbohydrate dependency and weight loss frustrations into the world of metabolic flexibility, where you can reprogram your metabolism to use fat for fuel. You'll ditch processed grains, sugars, and refined vegetable oils in favor of nutrient-dense, high-fat foods. With the delicious, diverse meals in this cookbook, your journey will be enjoyable, convenient, and free from the risk of backsliding and burnout that comes with a rushed approach to keto. THE KETO RESET DIET COOKBOOK will help you replace your old favorites with keto-approved substitutes for pancakes, crepes, oatmeal, and even includes decadent desserts like Dairy-Free Avocado Mousse and Chai Panna Cotta. Hearty entrées like Braised Short Ribs with Mashed Cauliflower and Cheesy Eggplant-Spinach Casserole will keep you from ever feeling deprived or hungry. With these recipes, and many more, you'll experience a new world of culinary possibilities and lasting health.