The Language Of Emotions

Author: Karla McLaren
Publisher: Sounds True
ISBN: 9781591798972
Size: 25.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Your emotions contain brilliant information. When you learn to welcome them as your allies, they can reveal creative solutions to any situation. For 35 years, empathic counselor and researcher Karla McLaren has developed a set of practical tools for the real-world stresses of family, career, and the quest for personal fulfillment. In The Language of Emotions, she presents her breakthrough teachings for a new and empowering relationship with your feeling states. Your emotions—especially the dark and dishonored ones—hold a tremendous amount of energy. We’ve all seen what happens when we repress or blindly express them. However, there is a powerful alternative. In The Language of Emotions, you’ll learn to meet your emotions and engage with them to safely move toward resolution and equilibrium. Through experiential exercises covering a full spectrum of feelings from anger, fear, and shame to jealousy, grief, joy, and more, you will discover how to work with your own and others’ emotions with fluency and expertise. When we relate to our emotions with respect and authenticity, we can directly access our innermost wisdom, unfold the deepest parts of ourselves, and heal our most painful wounds. The Language of Emotions gives us a much-needed resource for self-understanding and freedom: How to overcome addictions, distractions, and unresolved trauma—the three primary impediments to emotional ease Using the energy of anger to protect and restore personal boundaries Step-by-step guidance in the five skills of the empath (someone skilled in reading emotions) How to balance your “quaternity,” a metaphor for the interplay of mind, body, spirit, and emotions Honoring sadness as a source of release and rejuvenation Joy, the natural response to beauty and communion Praise “In my graduate education in counseling psychology, I found very little information about our emotions. Yet in my work as a therapist and educator, I’ve seen that emotions are key to healing. Karla McLaren’s book offers an outstanding guide to the signals and messages emotions send us, along with clear instructions for intelligent and emotion-supporting actions we can take in response. Karla has made a huge contribution to the well-being of us all; The Language of Emotions will become required reading in all of my courses.”—Nancy —Feehan, MFT, adjunct professor of counseling psychology at the University of San Francisco “Karla McLaren’s unique, empathic view of emotions surprisingly revalues even the most ‘negative’ emotions and opens pathways to understanding the depths of the human soul.” —Michael Meade, author of The World Behind the World and The Water of Life “This book changed the way I relate to others, and to myself, forever.” —Gavin De Becker, author of The Gift of Fear

Dreaming Of Cupcakes

Author: Jennifer Engrácio
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504372700
Size: 50.68 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Dreaming of Cupcakes follows a womans yearlong journey to heal a lifelong addiction to food, utilizing the shamanic medicine traditions she was trained in, her inner resources, and her community of support.

Emotional Advantage

Author: Randy Taran
Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials
ISBN: 1250200067
Size: 71.66 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5594
“Emotional Advantage is such an uplifting answer to our challenging times. In its pages, you will find encouragement, support, and new perspectives. Randy Taran offers an antidote to emotional overwhelm—a powerful way to discover how useful your emotions can be in guiding you towards your best life.”—Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy For No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul Award-winning author, producer, and founder of Project Happiness, Randy Taran knows that every emotion, feeling, and mental state has the power to bring us back to our true essence, and that readers can use Emotional Advantage as a guide to get there. In recent years, there has been an overwhelming interest in the science of happiness and positive psychology, and many books on the subject. There is a good reason for this: it is a core, universal human drive. And while happiness has opened the door for many to move forward, there is a burgeoning curiosity about the full range of human emotions, all of which factor into the human experience. What do we do when life does not go as planned? Neuroscience reveals that to understand and utilize any emotion, we need to “name it to tame it.” It turns out that even negative emotions have something to offer, if we know how to learn from them. Have you ever woken up in a fog of feelings and felt directionless? Or maybe it was hard to pinpoint exactly what you were feeling, but it wasn’t where you wanted to be? What if we could actually use our feelings as a pathway to guide us back to our inner compass? What if, like alchemists, we had the tools to transform our emotions to take charge of creating our very best life? What if we could comprehend how even the most troublesome emotions are sending messages to alert, protect, and fuel us forward? Emotional Advantage is that guide. It will show us how a new perspective on fear can move us to courage, how guilt can clarify our values, and how anger can help us create healthy boundaries.

The Divine Intelligence Governing Everyday Life

Author: Lonnie Hudspeth, Ph.D.
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1491831286
Size: 70.96 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3219
Deep down, you yearn to do something more with your life. You fear your life won't be a success unless you discover and do whatever that 'something' is. You sense the universe gently nudges you towards your destiny, but you only pick up a clue here and there. The Divine Intelligence Governing Everyday Life ("the DIGEL") is active in your daily life experiences providing you such clues to teach you your growth lessons and guide you to realize your potential success and life destiny. It reveals your growth lessons to you through your interpersonal relationships and life experiences. Through applying the Five Guiding Principles, you can learn these lessons from the DIGEL, if and when you're willing to do so. These Guiding Principles will help you: recognize the DIGEL when it's trying to teach you, figure out its messages, and use it as a guide to learn your lessons. However, you have to directly experience the DIGEL for yourself to really get to know it. Experiencing it for the first time is like waking up from a dream. As a result, your life changes forever. You become conscious of an aspect of life that is interesting, engaging, stimulating and fun. This book invites you to get to know the DIGEL as your teacher and guide. The 7 Truths and 5 Guiding Principles provided, if followed, will help you position yourself to directly experience the DIGEL. While you're learning from the DIGEL, you'll experience lots of excitement, delight, and happiness. Also, the DIGEL will connect you to a greater source. Your awareness of this connection will give you a sense of meaning, purpose, direction, and unlimited possibilities.

Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Author: Deb Shapiro
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1405525355
Size: 61.19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 1948
What are your symptoms and illnesses telling you about yourself? In Your Body Speaks Your Mind, renowned teacher and bestselling author Deb Shapiro shows how understanding your body's 'language of symptoms' can increase your potential for healing. She explains the interconnectedness between your physical state and your emotional, psychological and spiritual health, and reveals: How unresolved emotional and psychological issues can affect your physical health; How feelings and thoughts are linked to specific parts of the body; How you can take steps to heal your body with your mind, and your mind with your body. Your Body Speaks Your Mind shows you how to initiate communication between body and mind, and decode the priceless information your body is giving you, in order to achieve better health and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Escaping Utopia

Author: Janja Lalich
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315295075
Size: 59.41 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3569
Actors Michelle Pfeiffer, Glenn Close, Rose McGowan and Leah Remini. Humorist Garrison Keillor. Musician Lisa Marie Presley. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Each of these well-know people has more than fame in common; each was born or raised in a cult. We think of cults as bizarre, inexplicable, or otherworldly places that only strange people inhabit, but cults and other abusive and high-demand groups (and relationships) are actually quite commonplace. In fact, the behaviors, social pressures, and authoritarian structures that create cults exist to a greater or lesser extent in every human relationship and every human group. Cult behavior is human behavior – and by studying cults, we can learn remarkably useful things about the social world and our place in it In the first in-depth research of its kind, sociologist and cult expert Janja Lalich interviewed sixty-five people who were born in or grew up in thirty-nine different cultic groups spanning more than a dozen countries. What’s especially interesting about these individuals is that they each left the cult on their own, without outside help or internal support. In Escaping Utopia: Growing Up in a Cult, Getting Out, and Starting Over, Lalich and award-winning author (and fellow cult survivor) Karla McLaren craft Lalich’s original and groundbreaking research into an accessible and engaging book, the first of its kind focusing on this particular population. Lalich and McLaren explore fundamental questions about human nature, human development, group dynamics, abuse and control, and triumphs of the human spirit in the face of intense and extended suffering.

Make Life Work

Author: Gemeem Davis
Publisher: Gemeem Davis
ISBN: 1456563459
Size: 74.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1682
Success is an inside job. In this comprehensive practical guide to life and business creation you will come to understand that life is speaking to you. To achieve the level of success you've been wanting, it's imperative that you master this ongoing, all encompassing "Great Conversation" between you and You. The physical you and the inner most part of You. Make Life Work weaves self awareness and the law of attraction with business strategic planning to walk entrepreneurs step-by-step through their own Great Conversation. The result, you will have your own unique blueprint for manifesting your life and business just as you want it, from the inside out! Make Life Work will show you how to: -- Discover your soul's purpose -- Bring that purpose to your business. -- Craft your vision and business goals based on what you have to give. -- Write your business mission statement -- Create B.I.G. S.M.A.R.T. Goals for your business and life -- Learn practical strategies to align your inner world with your business objectives, allowing abundance to flow to you on every level.

Emotional Intelligence For Dummies

Author: Steven J. Stein
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470676248
Size: 16.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3502
Being aware of and in control of your emotions is one of the keys to success in life -- both professionally and personally. Emotional Intelligence For Dummies will show you how to take control of your emotions rather than letting your emotions control you! Discover how developing your emotional intelligence can further your relationships with others, in the workplace and at home. Emotional awareness is also a critical skill for career success, and Dr. Stein provides practical exercises for developing this skill and achieving your professional and personal goals. He also provides valuable insights into how emotional intelligence can be applied to raising children and teenagers and realizing personal happiness. Full of lively anecdotes and practical advice, Emotional Intelligence For Dummies is the ideal book for anyone who wants to get smart about their feelings and reach the next level at work and at home. Manage your emotions - identify your feelings, determine what beliefs cause negative emotions, and stop self-destructive behaviors Discover the power of empathy - read other people's emotions through facial cues and body language and show them you understand their feelings Thrive at work - find a job that's right for you, overcome hassles and fears, and develop your leadership skills Build and sustain meaningful relationships - discover how to take your partner's emotional temperature and manage emotions to grow closer Raise an emotionally intelligent child - keep your cool with your child, coax shy children out of their shells, and get your child to be less aggressive and defiant

The Language Of Emotional Intelligence

Author: Jeanne Segal
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071544566
Size: 11.26 MB
Format: PDF
View: 618
Learn how to increase your emotional intelligence with five simple tools It's no secret that emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in your relationships. But how do you apply these specialized skills in everyday life? It's easy--with this practical, ready-to-use guide by a renowned expert in the field of emotional intelligence and communication. Using the latest research and true-to-life examples, Dr. Jeanne Segal's step-by-step program shows you how to incorporate the five basic tools of emotional intelligence to enhance your relationships in the workplace, at home, and in all areas of your life. You'll learn how to: “Read” other people Make powerful connections Defuse arguments and conflicts Repair wounded feelings Understand nonverbal cues Build stronger, more satisfying relationships Packed with simple exercises, revealing self-quizzes, and proven calming techniques, this user-friendly guide can help you reach into the hearts and minds of others--sometimes without saying a word! Once you master the language of emotional intelligence, you'll be able to form mutually rewarding bonds that last a lifetime. Dr. Segal's method is a complete, hands-on approach to one of the most important life skills you will ever learn.

How To Speak Your Spouse S Language

Author: H. Norman Wright
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1599953315
Size: 42.86 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6224
In his "lifetime message", America's foremost marriage expert and award-winning author H. Norman Wright offers couples essential guidance in understanding and enhancing their communication styles in ten easy steps.