The Last Explorer

Author: Simon Nasht
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0733625843
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‘A superb book – every Australian should read it.’ - Dick Smith The gripping story of one of the greatest explorers of the 20th Century. Hubert Wilkins was truly the last - and one of the greatest - explorers. And much more than that. Born in South Australia, he spent much of his life outside the country - but always remained an Australian. He travelled through every continent and was a pioneer of aviation. He survived crashes and disasters, firing squads and sabotage, living long enough to be honoured by kings, presidents and dictators. He was a frontline photographer in World War I - and was twice decorated. He took the first ever film of battle and took the first moving images from an aircraft. He was the first man to fly across the Arctic Ocean, the first to fly in the Antarctic - and the first to fly from America to Europe across the then unknown Arctic (the New York Times called this 'the greatest flight in history'). In the 1930s he spent several years travelling in western Queensland and the Northern Territory - where many of his observations and views were ahead of their time. In the later years of his life he did work for the US military and intelligence - and in 1958 was buried at sea at the North Pole by the US Navy.

Last Explorer

Author: Simon Nasht
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 161608717X
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A profile of Hubert Wilkins chronicles the seminal contributions of the accomplished journalist, pilot, war hero, scientist, spy, and adventurer, especially in terms of his achievements in the field of polar exploration, the use of new technologies--including the submarine and airplane--and the role of the poles in changes in global weather and climate.

The Versatile Image

Author: Alexandra Moschovi
Publisher: Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9058679756
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New insights into the shifting cultures of today’s ‘hypervisual’ digital universe With the advent of digital technologies and the Internet, photography can, at last, fulfill its promise and forgotten potential as both a versatile medium and an adaptable creative practice. This multidisciplinary volume provides new insights into the shifting cultures affecting the production, collection, usage, and circulation of photographic images on interactive World Wide Web platforms.

Australia S First Naturalists

Author: Penny Olsen
Publisher: National Library of Australia
ISBN: 0642279373
Size: 24.93 MB
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Would Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson have ever crossed the Blue Mountains without the help of the local Aboriginal people? The invaluable role of local guides in this event is rarely recognised. As silent partners, Aboriginal Australians gave Europeans their first views of iconic animals, such as the Koala and Superb Lyrebird, and helped to unravel the mystery of the egg-laying mammals: the Echidna and Platypus. Well into the twentieth century, Indigenous people were routinely engaged by collectors, illustrators and others with an interest in Australia's animals. Yet this participation, if admitted at all, was generally barely acknowledged. However, when documented, it was clearly significant. Penny Olsen and Lynette Russell have gathered together Aboriginal peoples' contributions to demonstrate the crucial role they played in early Australian zoology. The writings of the early European naturalists clearly describe the valuable knowledge of the Indigenous people of the habits of Australia's bizarre (to a European) fauna. 'Australia's First Naturalists' is invaluable for those wanting to learn more about our original inhabitants' contribution to the collection, recognition and classification of Australia's unique fauna. It heightens our appreciation of the previously unrecognised complex knowledge of Indigenous societies.

Australia And The Antarctic Treaty System 50 Years Of Influence

Author: Marcus G. Haward
Publisher: UNSW Press
ISBN: 1742240984
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The Antarctic Treaty, which is at the heart of the regime that covers the vast region of sea and land surrounding the South Pole, has been in force for 50 years. Australia and the Antarctic Treaty System examines Australia's crucial contribution, past and present, within the system of cooperative governance established by the Antarctic Treaty. The Antarctic Treaty System has been a notably successful international collaboration that has fostered scientific discovery, environmental protection and - most of all - peace, while enabling national interest and endeavour. Australia claims 42% of the.

Griffith Taylor

Author: Carolyn Strange
Publisher: National Library Australia
ISBN: 9780642276681
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"Griffith Taylor (1880-1963) was a world explorer, whose travels took him from Captain Scott's final expedition in Antarctica to every continent on earth. In a life that stretched from the Boer War to the Cold War Taylor made it his mission to enlighten the public on humankind's relation to the environment. As a geographer whose work crossed into anthropology he courted controversy and craved recognition. Today's preoccupations with climate change, the ascendancy of Asian nations, and the renewed threat of nuclear war, were all addressed by Taylor generations earlier."--Provided by publisher.

Photography Early Cinema And Colonial Modernity

Author: Robert Dixon
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 0857287958
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‘Photography, Early Cinema and Colonial Modernity’ is not a biography of Frank Hurley the man; it is instead an examination of the social life of the many marvellous and meaningful things he made as a professional photographer and film maker. The focus of this volume surrounds the media events that encompassed these various creations – what Hurley called his ‘synchronized lecture entertainments’. These media events were at once national and international; they involved Hurley in an entire culture industry that was constantly in movement along global lines of travel and communication. This raises complex questions both about the authorship of Hurley’s photographic and filmic texts – which were often produced and presented by other people – and about their ontology, as they were often in a state of reassemblage in response to changing market opportunities. This unique study re-imagines, from inside the quiet and stillness of the archive, the prior social life enjoyed by Hurley’s creations amidst the complicated topography of the early twentieth century’s rapidly internationalizing mass-media landscape. As a way to conceive of that space, and of the social life of the people and things within it, this study uses the concept of ‘colonial modernity’.

Sabotage In The Arctic

Author: Stewart B. Nelson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146533209X
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The story of Australian-born Sir Hubert Wilkins and the Nautilus is usually a brief footnote, if mentioned at all, of Arctic exploration history. However, it is a tale of daring enterprise and of men captivated by the pursuit of noble deeds. Having leased and extensively modified a decommissioned vintage World War I U.S. Navy submarine, the Wilkins-Ellsworth Trans Arctic Submarine Expedition of 1931 was marked by controversy from its inception. Many considered it a huge publicity stunt, especially the planned rendezvous at the North Pole with the German airship Graf Zeppelin. The Nautilus did make it into the Arctic but suspected sabotage ended Sir Huberts quest to be the first to use a submarine to cross the Arctic Ocean by way of the North Pole. An oceanographer, historian and author, Dr. Nelson is a Fellow of the Marine Technology Society, a member of the Explorers Club and the former president of the American Oceanic Organization.


Author: David Day
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199323623
Size: 77.59 MB
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Since the first sailing ships spied the Antarctic coastline in 1820, the frozen continent has captured the world's imagination. David Day's brilliant biography of Antarctica describes in fascinating detail every aspect of this vast land's history--two centuries of exploration, scientific investigation, and contentious geopolitics. Drawing from archives from around the world, Day provides a sweeping, large-scale history of Antarctica. Focusing on the dynamic personalities drawn to this unconquered land, the book offers an engaging collective biography of explorers and scientists battling the elements in the most hostile place on earth. We see intrepid sea captains picking their way past icebergs and pushing to the edge of the shifting pack ice, sanguinary sealers and whalers drawn south to exploit "the Penguin El Dorado," famed nineteenth-century explorers like Scott and Amundson in their highly publicized race to the South Pole, and aviators like Clarence Ellsworth and Richard Byrd, flying over great stretches of undiscovered land. Yet Antarctica is also the story of nations seeking to incorporate the Antarctic into their national narratives and to claim its frozen wastes as their own. As Day shows, in a place as remote as Antarctica, claiming land was not just about seeing a place for the first time, or raising a flag over it; it was about mapping and naming and, more generally, knowing its geographic and natural features. And ultimately, after a little-known decision by FDR to colonize Antarctica, claiming territory meant establishing full-time bases on the White Continent. The end of the Second World War would see one last scramble for polar territory, but the onset of the International Geophysical Year in 1957 would launch a cooperative effort to establish scientific bases across the continent. And with the Antarctic Treaty, science was in the ascendant, and cooperation rather than competition was the new watchword on the ice. Tracing history from the first sighting of land up to the present day, Antarctica is a fascinating exploration of this deeply alluring land and man's struggle to claim it.