The Magic

Author: Rhonda Byrne
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1849838402
Size: 36.28 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In The Magica great mystery from a sacred text is revealed, and with this knowledge Rhonda Byrne takes the reader on a life-changing journey for 28 days. Step by step, day-by-day, secret teachings, revelations, and scientific law are brought together to form 28 simple practices that open the reader's eyes to a new world, and lead them to a dream life.

Success Magic The Prosperity Secret To Win With Magical Spiritual Power

Author: Magus Incognito
ISBN: 9781724104311
Size: 74.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Want to be a BADASS with Spiritual Magic. This is your chance to learn the Secrets of the MASTERS. This book is LOADED with Secret Nuggets of Power. Read this book and you can Harness the Mindful Warrior Power needed to find purpose, happiness, relationships, and financial success. If you want to learn the basic truths to become a Spiritual and Metaphysical warrior, then you have found the secret manuscript that will get you on the path to success and power. Many of the secrets herein were found in a book by the Magus written over 100 years ago. These secrets are now available in this book of secrets. Whether you believe that magic is real or not, why not stack the cosmic cards of destiny in your favor and read this short book. You have nothing to lose. Please download today and begin your journey to empowerment.

The Secret Of Real Magic

Author: Brenda Corbett
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1642983829
Size: 14.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this book is the power of real magic! No joke, no tricks. It’s a game you can never lose if you learn the secret. Join me, Prometheus, as I take you on my lifelong journey in the search for real magic. I found it! It is called Emperor’s Chess. My novel is science fiction, and within, I bring to reality a historic game with the greatest mystery. After reading this book, your life will change. After trying this ancient game, you will sit back in shock because what I’m saying is true. I am ex-Air Force and prefer my name, for behind this, I can reveal to you much more than I could in real life. This game is just the tip of the iceberg of what I know and is my gift to you as well as my hallmark of real honesty as I open your eyes to many things going on that you have yet to realize. I type to stay off the net for big brother is watching in many ways. I hope this book will open your eyes and fill your pockets as it has mine. I have for the first time felt true freedom in writing this book. I am patriot and a federalist and always for the people. I hope that everyone who reads this becomes a millionaire from it—my gift to you! enjoy! In his search through his late father’s journal, Hephaestus discovers an ancient Chinese script that contains the secret of real magic: the game you can never lose, the game of the gods, encrypted by the off-worlders the hidden knowledge of immortals—emperor’s chess. It is a real game, and once you read this, your life will change forever! Learning this, you will always make money and can never be poor. The secret of real magic is emperor’s chess. When you can win against thirty opponents at once, you will see the true power of the ancients. Read the book and try it. This is very real, and it will blow your mind. I am Prometheus, and I want you to better your life. It is my greatest gift I can give you. May it bring you great fun, great profits, and great joy.

Dana And The Secret Of The Magic Crystal

Author: Thomas L. Hunter
Publisher: Hunter Verlag
ISBN: 3947086059
Size: 64.52 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A long time ago, a magical experiment went wrong. An ancient population, who started it, had to bear the consequences. The magical explosion ripped everyone from their time. Dana has been found and taken in by the dwarfs when she was just a baby. On her tenth birthday there, she learns about her heritage and the one of her people, who not only got very old, but also had exceptional abilities. Curious and full of enthusiasm, she now tries to find out more about herself and her people. While she's searching for her past, she comes across a ghost. The ghost is one of her people, who now instructs her and supervises her training as a magician. She learns to read the old books and how to apply magic. He tells her of what happened back in the day and she, of course, wants to search for her parents and her people – even if she has to outwit time. Of course, she also learns respect for life in general. During her training, she receives orders from the King of the dwarfs, to help out with a problem in the mountains. Following a catastrophe more than one hundred years ago, nobody can leave the mountains anymore. Anyone who's tried to take on the problem, has failed so far. The dwarfs now hope that Dana's magical abilities can solve said problem. During the hunt for a solution and for her past, Dana needs to face many adventures. She learns more about her heritage and during her investigations she meets more and more characters that have had contact to her people and who are willing to help her. Luckily, Dana is not alone. Shari, her little fairy, and Gomek, the dwarf boy, accompany and support her as best as they can. Is this kind of task even manageable for a ten-year-old and her young friends? Dana and supporters won't be deterred, at any rate, and try everything to reach their goal.

Tao Magic

Author: Ireneus László Legeza
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Size: 73.19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Looks at a variety of Taoist magic diagrams, talismans, and charms, discusses the magical use of calligraphy, and explains the importance of graphic symbolism in Chinese culture

The Secret Of The Magic Lamp

Author: Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi
Publisher: Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi
ISBN: 9870525970
Size: 46.62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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WOUL YOU LIKE TO BE ABLE TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT? The secret tells us that we can get everything we have always dreamed of having, and reveals that money, prosperity and achieve what everyone wants, is only for those who do things "in a special way". This book will tell you how to do things "in that special way" that brings magic to the lives of the people. The Secret talks about the Law of Attraction, a law that works as Aladdin's lamp. And if you learn to master the Law of Attraction, this knowledge will change your life! This is not just about get rich, but about reaching all that you deserve in all aspects of your life! In any group of 100 people, there are 95 that will fail and 5 that will be successful. You like to be part of that 5%? Learn how to attract your life anything you want, like an unstoppable magnet......

The Secret History Of Magic

Author: Peter Lamont
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1524704458
Size: 29.78 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3169
Pull back the curtain on the real history of magic – and discover why magic really matters If you read a standard history of magic, you learn that it begins in ancient Egypt, with the resurrection of a goose in front of the Pharaoh. You discover how magicians were tortured and killed during the age of witchcraft. You are told how conjuring tricks were used to quell rebellious colonial natives. The history of magic is full of such stories, which turn out not to be true. Behind the smoke and mirrors, however, lies the real story of magic. It is a history of people from humble roots, who made and lost fortunes, and who deceived kings and queens. In order to survive, they concealed many secrets, yet they revealed some and they stole others. They engaged in deception, exposure, and betrayal, in a quest to make the impossible happen. They managed to survive in a world in which a series of technological wonders appeared, which previous generations would have considered magical. Even today, when we now take the most sophisticated technology for granted, we can still be astonished by tricks that were performed hundreds of years ago. The Secret History of Magic reveals how this was done. It is about why magic matters in a world that no longer seems to have a place for it, but which desperately needs a sense of wonder.

Krug N The Secret Of Magic

Author: L. A. Beaver
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 0244326339
Size: 79.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Four hundred and forty-two years before the Race War, Enan reappears after a year of exile established by the Order of Lärurîth. At the dawn of a new era for the young Arset people, rumors of a mighty army of strange, invincible and unstoppable creatures spread like wildfire. A boy with no name and no memory is in the middle of a war that apparently does not belong to him, but things are not always as they seem, and an indissoluble link joins him to Enan. Everything has already been written or can anyone still decide their own destiny? A story that would have ended over two thousand years later had just begun.

The Secret Of The Magic Pen

Author: Jamie Suzanne
Publisher: Sweet Valley
ISBN: 9780553482829
Size: 19.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1725
On a hike through an eerie cave, Elizabeth Wakefield finds a glowing pen, which--when she sits down to use it--starts writing a scary, twist-and-turn mystery that then seems to be coming true. Original.

The Secret Of Magic

Author: Deborah Johnson
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241197961
Size: 13.56 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5954
'[An] addictive tale of intrigue' - the Independent In 1946 Regina Robichard is a rarity. A young New York civil rights lawyer, working for Thurgood Marshall, Reggie stumbles across a letter asking her boss to investigate the case of a young black soldier whose body has been found floating in the river in Mississippi. It fires her zeal. For Reggie, justice is not the only draw to this case. The letter is signed by the reclusive M. P. Calhoun, author of one of the most banned books in the country, a book Reggie loved as a child, about the friendship between three children, black and white, a magical forest - and a murder. Reggie has just three weeks in the South to investigate. But once down in Mississippi, amid the intoxicating landscape of cotton fields and lush plantations, Reggie not only finds herself further away from New York than she had ever imagined, but walking directly into M. P. Calhoun's book, a place where more than one type of justice exists.