The Muqaddimah

Author: Ibn Khaldûn
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 140086609X
Size: 30.15 MB
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The Muqaddimah, often translated as "Introduction" or "Prolegomenon," is the most important Islamic history of the premodern world. Written by the great fourteenth-century Arab scholar Ibn Khaldûn (d. 1406), this monumental work established the foundations of several fields of knowledge, including the philosophy of history, sociology, ethnography, and economics. The first complete English translation, by the eminent Islamicist and interpreter of Arabic literature Franz Rosenthal, was published in three volumes in 1958 as part of the Bollingen Series and received immediate acclaim in the United States and abroad. A one-volume abridged version of Rosenthal's masterful translation first appeared in 1969. This Princeton Classics edition of the abridged version includes Rosenthal's original introduction as well as a contemporary introduction by Bruce B. Lawrence. This volume makes available a seminal work of Islam and medieval and ancient history to twenty-first century audiences.

The House Of Service

Author: David Tittensor
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199336423
Size: 32.53 MB
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David Tittensor offers a groundbreaking new perspective on the Gülen movement, a Turkish Muslim educational activist network that emerged in the 1960s and has grown into a global empire with an estimated worth of $25 billion. Named after its leader Fethullah Gülen, the movement has established more than 1,000 secular educational institutions in over 140 countries, aiming to provide holistic education that incorporates both spirituality and the secular sciences. Despite the movement's success, little is known about how its schools are run, or how Islam is operationalized. Drawing on thirteen months of ethnographic fieldwork in Turkey, Tittensor explores the movement's ideo-theology and how it is practiced in the schools. His interviews with both teachers and graduates from Africa, Indonesia, Central Asia, and Turkey show that the movement is a missionary organization, but of a singular kind: its goal is not simply widespread religious conversion, but a quest to recoup those Muslims who have apparently lost their way and to show non-Muslims that Muslims can embrace modernity and integrate into the wider community. Tittensor also examines the movement's operational side and shows how the schools represent an example of Mohammad Yunus's social business model: a business with a social cause at its heart. The House of Service is an insightful exploration of one of the world's largest transnational Muslim associations, and will be invaluable for those seeking to understand how Islam will be perceived and practiced in the future.

Instilling Religion In Greek And Turkish Nationalism A Sacred Synthesis

Author: Ioannis N. Grigoriadis
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 1137301198
Size: 10.60 MB
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"This inspiring comparative case study is not on two nations only but on two religions too. The shift from secularism to a synthesis that incorporates religion in both Greece and Turkey can be read as an enriched model that widens our analytical perspectives on nation-building and identities."--Hercules (Iraklis) Millas, political scientist, Athens, Greece 'George Bernard Shaw is rumored to have said once that 'England and America are two countries separated by the same language.' If we want to rewrite this statement for Greeks and Turks in modern times, we might easily say that 'Greece and Turkey are two countries separated by the same political culture.' One of the basic ingredients of this shared political culture was the use and abuse of religion and of religious sentiments of the masses for nationalist projects. Although the performance of the Greek nation-state was considered to be a 'success story' by the founding fathers of Turkish nationalism, in that it nationalized the Orthodox Church and hence ironed out its ecumenical/universal characteristics in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, Turkish nationalist elites were about a century late when it came to nationalizing Islam. Dr. Grigoriadis' treatment of the subject will generate debate on the both sides of the Aegean.' - Ayhan Aktar, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey.

Adam Smith

Author: Gavin Kennedy
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9781403999481
Size: 62.79 MB
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This book presents the authentic Adam Smith and explores his underlying approach and radical thinking, aiming to re-establish his original intentions. The book provides a crucial reminder of how relevant Adam Smith was in his own time, and how relevant he remains as we experience the worldwide spread of opulence today.

A New Introduction To Islam

Author: Daniel W. Brown
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444357727
Size: 16.64 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The second edition of this student-friendly textbook explores the origins, major features and lasting influence of the Islamic tradition. Traces the development of Muslim beliefs and practices against the background of social and cultural contexts extending from North Africa to South and Southeast Asia Fully revised for the second edition, with completely new opening and closing chapters considering key issues facing Islam in the 21st century Focuses greater attention on everyday practices, the role of women in Muslim societies, and offers additional material on Islam in America Includes detailed chronologies, tables summarizing key information, useful maps and diagrams, and many more illustrations

Political Islam World Politics And Europe

Author: Bassam Tibi
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134072635
Size: 21.90 MB
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This book is concerned with political Islam and in particular the global challenges posed by Islamists and Jihadists.

What Is A Madrasa

Author: Ebrahim Moosa
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469620146
Size: 65.75 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Taking us inside the world of the madrasa--the most common type of school for religious instruction in the Islamic world--Ebrahim Moosa provides an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to understand orthodox Islam in global affairs. Focusing on postsecondary-level religious institutions in the Indo-Pakistan heartlands, Moosa explains how a madrasa can simultaneously be a place of learning revered by many and an institution feared by many others, especially in a post-9/11 world. Drawing on his own years as a madrasa student in India, Moosa describes in fascinating detail the daily routine for teachers and students today. He shows how classical theological, legal, and Qur'anic texts are taught, and he illuminates the history of ideas and politics behind the madrasa system. Addressing the contemporary political scene in a clear-eyed manner, Moosa introduces us to madrasa leaders who hold diverse and conflicting perspectives on the place of religion in society. Some admit that they face intractable problems and challenges, including militancy; others, Moosa says, hide their heads in the sand and fail to address the crucial issues of the day. Offering practical suggestions to both madrasa leaders and U.S. policymakers for reform and understanding, Moosa demonstrates how madrasas today still embody the highest aspirations and deeply felt needs of traditional Muslims.

Inventing Western Civilization

Author: Thomas C. Patterson
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 158367408X
Size: 21.22 MB
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"In this wonderful book, Thomas Patterson effectively dethrones the concept of 'civilization' as an abstract good, transcending human society." --Martin Bernal Drawing on his extensive knowledge of early societies, Thomas C. Patterson shows how class, sexism, and racism have been integral to the appearance of "civilized" societies in Western Europe. He lays out clearly and simply how civilization, with its designs of "civilizing" and "being civilized," has been closely tied to the rise of capitalism in Western Europe and the development of social classes.

Author: Kūshyār
Size: 30.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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