The Pollan Family Table

Author: Corky Pollan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476746389
Size: 70.79 MB
Format: PDF
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A BookPage Best Cookbook of 2015 Winner of the Gourmand International Cookbook Award 2015, Best in the World, Best First Cookbook A gorgeous, fully illustrated collection of recipes, cooking techniques, and pantry wisdom for delicious, healthy, and harmonious family meals from the incredible Pollan family—with a foreword by Michael Pollan. In The Pollan Family Table, Corky, Lori, Dana, and Tracy Pollan invite you into their warm, inspiring kitchens, sharing more than 100 of their family’s best recipes. For generations, the Pollans have used fresh, local ingredients to cook healthy, irresistible meals. Michael Pollan, whose bestselling books have changed our culture and the way we think about food, writes in his foreword about how the family meals he ate growing up shaped his worldview. This stunning and practical cookbook gives readers the tools they need to implement the Pollan food philosophy in their everyday lives and to make great, nourishing, delectable meals that bring families back to the table. Standouts like Grand Marnier Citrus Roasted Chicken, Crispy Parmesan Zucchini Chips, and Key Lime Pie with Walnut Oatmeal Crust are easy to make yet sophisticated enough to dazzle family and friends. With hundreds of exquisite color photographs, The Pollan Family Table includes the Pollan’s top cooking tips and techniques, time-tested shortcuts, advice for those just starting out and market and pantry lists that make shopping for and preparing dinner stress-free. This instant kitchen classic will help readers create incredible meals and cultivate traditions that improve health, well-being, and family happiness.

Prime Time Parenting

Author: Heather Miller
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0738284629
Size: 59.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A two-hour school-night routine that helps parents support their children's social, emotional and intellectual development School nights are a real challenge for most parents. Just as your energy flags, a slew of parenting duties looms ahead. Learn how to create a two-hour school night routine that works for both parent and child. By following this two-hour ritual, you'll be able to: Bond with your children Prepare and enjoy a nutritious dinner Support your child's organization and academic success Read with your child Follow a book-bath-bed routine to an early bedtime Enjoy some "me" time once the kids are in bed The benefits of Prime-Time Parenting include better nutrition, better school performance, a more organized home, and well-rested parents and children. The hours between 6 and 8pm will never be the same!

Cassette Books

Author: Library of Congress. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
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Wild Fermentation

Author: Sandor Ellix Katz
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 1603586296
Size: 42.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Book That Started the Fermentation Revolution Sandor Ellix Katz, winner of a James Beard Award and New York Times bestselling author, whom Michael Pollan calls the “Johnny Appleseed of Fermentation” returns to the iconic book that started it all, but with a fresh perspective, renewed enthusiasm, and expanded wisdom from his travels around the world. This self-described fermentation revivalist is perhaps best known simply as Sandorkraut, which describes his joyful and demystifying approach to making and eating fermented foods, the health benefits of which have helped launch a nutrition-based food revolution. Since its publication in 2003, and aided by Katz’s engaging and fervent workshop presentations, Wild Fermentation has inspired people to turn their kitchens into food labs: fermenting vegetables into sauerkraut, milk into cheese or yogurt, grains into sourdough bread, and much more. In turn, they’ve traded batches, shared recipes, and joined thousands of others on a journey of creating healthy food for themselves, their families, and their communities. Katz’s work earned him the Craig Clairborne lifetime achievement award from the Southern Foodways Alliance, and has been called “one of the unlikely rock stars of the American food scene” by The New York Times. This updated and revised edition, now with full color photos throughout, is sure to introduce a whole new generation to the flavors and health benefits of fermented foods. It features many brand-new recipes—including Strawberry Kvass, African Sorghum Beer, and Infinite Buckwheat Bread—and updates and refines original recipes reflecting the author’s ever-deepening knowledge of global food traditions that has influenced four-star chefs and home cooks alike. For Katz, his gateway to fermentation was sauerkraut. So open this book to find yours, and start a little food revolution right in your own kitchen. Praise for Sandor Ellix Katz and his books: “The Art of Fermentation is an extraordinary book, and an impressive work of passion and scholarship.”—Deborah Madison, author of Local Flavors “Sandor Katz has proven himself to be the king of fermentation.”—Sally Fallon Morell, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation “Sandor Katz has already awakened more people to the diversity and deliciousness of fermented foods than any other single person has over the last century.”—Gary Paul Nabhan, author of Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land “The fermenting bible.” — Newsweek “In a country almost clinically obsessed with sterilization Katz reminds us of the forgotten benefits of living in harmony with our microbial relatives.” — Grist

Uncle Dave S Cow

Author: Leslie Miller
Publisher: Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 1594856982
Size: 16.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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CLICK HERE to download a sampler from Uncle Dave's Cow (Provide us with a little information and we'll send your download directly to your inbox) * Demystifies and explains the process for acquiring local harvest, non-commercial sources of meat * Written for urban dwellers who want to eat fresh, sustainable, and healthy meat -- like they do back on the farm * Features 45 original recipes for beef, pork, goat, and lamb As folks like Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin have been preaching for years, commercial meat production isn’t good for the animals, our bodies, or the planet. Yet the organic, sustainably-raised pork, beef, and lamb one finds at supermarkets and specialty stores are often pricey, and the marketing labels can be beyond confusing. What if you just want to eat meat as healthfully and enjoyably as possible, all while sticking to a budget? Uncle Dave’s Cow: And Other Whole Animals My Freezer Has Known shows you how to find and evaluate local farmers, form a buying group, plan out cuts and quantities, store and preserve your purchases, and dish up an entire animal one part at a time. Author Leslie Miller, a busy Seattle mother who hails from a long lineage of Central Washington farmers, shows readers how to go whole hog -- or cow, or goat, or lamb, for that matter -- as she takes the reader along on her own educational journey, from the moment she locates and buys her first pig, all the way to her last forkful of tender pulled pork. Miller explores local farmers markets and 4H fairs, talks to dedicated farmers and butchers, and explains how even her children connect to the cow in the freezer. By sharing her whole-food experiences, readers also will connect to the source of their food, while her 45 original recipes show them how to cook mouthwatering meals from the abundance of whole animals. Written with urban charm and a knife-sharp sense of humor, Uncle Dave’s Cow is a friendly and accessible guide to sourcing and eating local meat for parents, foodies, and everyone who wants to learn how to be a well-prepared consumer and cook through to the bone. PRAISE FOR UNCLE DAVE'S COW: "In an age when children think chicken comes from grocery stores and pink slime has become part of our vernacular, Leslie Miller offers an alternative to the disconnect created by the industrial food system. With Uncle Dave's Cow, Miller invites us to get up close and personal with our meat and participate in the process as she's done so remarkably well-with an open mind, a sense of humor, and compassion for the stewards of our land." - Kim O'Donnel, author of The Meat Lover's Meatless Celebrations "At last, a funny and practical book that offers doable and delicious ways for ordinary people to eat good, honest meat. Whether you live in a tiny walk-up or closer to the farm, Leslie Miller lays out every detail you need to buy half a hog or a whole lamb to feed your family for months. And you don't have to be a chef to enjoy the charming recipes. Anyone want to go in on a cow?" - Chef and restaurateur Ethan Stowell "For those of you who can't (or, more sanely, don't want to) raise a pig in your backyard but want fresh, local pork, this book is for you. Believe me, Leslie Miller's approach is much less smelly but just as delicious. Uncle Dave's Cow is full of practical advice-and tasty recipes-that make eating meat with wisdom about the whole animal possible again." - Novella Carpenter, author of Farm City

Uncle Dave S Cow And Other Whole Animals My Freezer Has Known

Author: Leslie Miller
Publisher: Skipstone
ISBN: 9781594856976
Size: 11.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Author, cook, and busy urban mom Leslie Miller shows city dwellers how to go whole hog - or cos, or goat, or lamb. She tells you how to find and evaluate local farmers; plan for meat cuts and quantities; store and preserve your purchases; and dish up a whole animal, one part at a time. She explores neighborhood markets and 4H fairs, talks to dedicated farmers and butchers, and explains how even her children relate to the cow in the freezer. And her 45 delectable recipes - such as Workday Coffee-Aleppo Rubbed Pork Roast, Stacked Beef Enchiladas, Trinidadian Goat Curry, or Lamb Tagine with Pears and Sour Cherries - will inspire many a mouthwatering meal. From the moment she buys her first cow from Uncle Dave, to her last forkful of tender pulled pork, Miller shares her wholefood journey and helps everyone connect to the source of their own meat, through to the bone.--COVER.