Reading Reflex

Author: Carmen McGuinness
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780684839660
Size: 56.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Describes the Phono-graphix reading education system and provides detailed instructions and diagnostic tests for use by parents.

Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons

Author: Siegfried Engelmann
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0671631985
Size: 50.95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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With more than half a million copies in print, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is the definitive guide to giving your child the reading skills needed now for a better chance at tomorrow, while bringing you and your child closer together. Is your child halfway through first grade and still unable to read? Is your preschooler bored with coloring and ready for reading? Do you want to help your child read, but are afraid you’ll do something wrong? Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is a complete, step-by-step program that shows patents simply and clearly how to teach their children to read. Twenty minutes a day is all you need, and within 100 teaching days your child will be reading on a solid second-grade reading level. It’s a sensible, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable way to help your child gain the essential skills of reading. Everything you need is here—no paste, no scissors, no flash cards, no complicated directions—just you and your child learning together. One hundred lessons, fully illustrated and color-coded for clarity, give your child the basic and more advanced skills needed to become a good reader.

Piratas Despues Del Mediodia

Author: Mary Pope Osborne
ISBN: 9780613958936
Size: 13.34 MB
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B!LLEGC" LA COLECCIC"N NCMERO UNO EN VENTAS EN LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS! HISTORIAS LLENAS DE AVENTURAS, MISTERIOS Y SUSPENSO.Jack y Annie son dos hermanos que viven en Frog Creek, Pensilvania. Annie tiene 7 anos y una frondosa imaginacion. Le gustan las aventuras y vive en un mundo de fantasia. Jack, en cambio, tiene ya ocho anos y medio y prefiere el mundo real. Adora los libros y en un cuaderno anota todo lo que le parece interesante. Tiene una mente muy organizada. Un dia, jugando en el bosque cercano a su casa, encuentra un arbol con una escala. Suben por ella y descubrenuna casita construida sobre una de las ramas. Adentro hay un libro que los llevara a los lugares mas extraordinarios y peligrosos. Asi comienza la serie de novelas dirigidas a lectores de ocho anos en adelante. Los hermanos viviran en cada episodio aventuras diferentes, viajando a traves de los libros en el tiempo y el espacio.En el primer libro llegan a la era de los dinosaurios.En el segundo, viajan a la epoca de los caballeros medievales y exploran un castillo lleno de pasadizos secretos.En el tercero, van al antiguo Egipto y se pierden dentro de una piramide cuando tratan de ayudar al fantasma de una reina.En el cuarto, se encuentran con un grupo de piratas muy hostiles que buscan un tesoro enterrado.

Overcoming Dyslexia For Dummies

Author: Tracey Wood
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118068513
Size: 64.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Includes tips and strategies for kids, teens, and adults with dyslexia Understand what dyslexia is, assess schools and programs, and help your child succeed Does your child mix up d's and b's? Does he or she have trouble reading? If so, the cause may be dyslexia. But don't worry -- these days, there are many ways to overcome dyslexia. This hands-on guide leads you step by step through your options -- and explains how anyone with dyslexia can achieve success in school and life. Discover how to * Recognize the symptoms of dyslexia * Understand diagnostic test results * Set up an Individualized Education Program (IEP) * Work effectively with teachers * Improve your child?s reading skills

The Ultimate Book For Overcoming Dyslexia Tools For Kids Teenagers Adults

Author: Jessica Caplain
Publisher: JNR via PublishDrive
Size: 76.31 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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How To Handle And Plan Your Kid's Life To Get A Handle On His Dyslexia Condition Know The Secrets Of Overcoming Dyslexia With This Book! You have chosen this book because you are thinking of your child’s well-being. He may be having a hard time keeping up in class, often makes spelling errors and hates to read even the simplest of words. You may have been seeking for some advice on what you can do to help him do better in academics, particularly in reading and writing. You have probably asked yourself, what is wrong with my child? – And though a little hesitant, you have probably considered finally getting an assessment to clear your head from all the worries and the never-ending questions. There’s just so much to take in. What’s in the Book? This book provides you with in-depth, relevant information regarding Dyslexia (both for kids, teenagers and adults alike). Instead of being buried with mountain of theories or lose your eagerness with confusing terminologies, we’ll give you only the most straightforward facts about Dyslexia, and nothing else. The book aims to impart parents with practical ideas on hands-on activities that your child might enjoy doing, along with strategies that may benefit him for a lifetime – as there are actually plenty of tips we can utilize to help your kid stay organized and keep the b’s and d’s facing the correct way. If you found yourself reading through this intro, you have either started to consider the possibility of Dyslexia or may have already done your homework. Your child’s Individual Education Program (IEP) may already be underway, too. Whatever phase you are in at the moment, this book provides you with guidance and assurance; both medical and legal that will help you raise a strong-willed individual. Here's what you'll learn: Introduction Chapter I: Dyslexia Defined Common misconceptions Symptoms When to have your child tested What you can do at home Facts about dyslexia Dyslexia as a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Knowing the causes Types of dyslexia Dyslexia VS ADD and ADHD Your preschooler and signs of late development Dyslexia signs in your school-age child Visible signs in teens and adults Taking action now Chapter II: Knowing When to Seek Help Delayed speech Ear infections Vision problems Issues with motor skills Getting ready for kindergarten Dyslexia is NOT a behavioural disorder Monitoring your school-aged child Starting to feel unhappy and being disorganized Talking to your child’s teacher Having your child tested for dyslexia Never too late Looking for a Test Administrator Within your child’s school district Independent Test Administrators Test results and the terminologies Section 504 Independent tutor Deciding not to test Chapter III: Exploring Your Options Traditional public schools Assessments School programs Help beyond the classroom Meeting the school staff Getting to know the resource teacher The support staff The principal Alternative schooling Magnet schools Montessori schools Deciding on a school Home schooling Reading textbooks Looking for workbooks Extra materials Individualized Education Program IEP meeting IEP document: The fine print Preparing for the IEP meeting Acts governing the IEP Knowing your and your child’s rights Avoiding the land mines Retention Chapter IV: Doing Your Part in Your Child’s Treatment Dealing with rhyming words Getting used to phonics Using kindness to manage your child’s difficulties Multisensory learning Making homework more enjoyable Unleashing the happy hormones Helping your child manage everyday challenges How to listen to your child Empowering your child Responding to your child’s mistakes Teaching directions Navigation Improving hand-eye coordination during play Copying Telling time Remembering a sequence Maintaining peace and order at home Chapter V: Dyslexia: Beyond the Childhood Years Boosting your child’s self-confidence Facing school-related challenges Dealing with all the reading and writing The importance of note-taking Studying foreign languages Planning for college and career Developing work skills Heading off to college Entrance exam Looking for schools and majors Disability programs Dealing with applications and interviews Picking the school Seeking financial assistance Dyslexia in adulthood Building a family Download this book today

Promoting Social Justice For Young Children

Author: Beatrice S. Fennimore
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789400705708
Size: 40.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book explores important current social justice issues that confront young children in America. A broad range of topics related to the fair treatment of young children and their families are approached with a fresh and hopeful energy. The central argument of this volume is that a fair and just society must protect the basic needs of all children so they are able to reach their full potential to learn, grow, and ultimately become productive democratic citizens. The book includes contributions from an impressive group of authors who have been consistent voices for the fair and equitable treatment of children in school and society. Each chapter examines a critical issue in child social justice with a focus on the current problem, historical importance of the issue, potential solutions, and a vision for the future. The book has been developed to reach a wide audience of professionals whose work involves children and who have grown concerned about social forces that cause child suffering and threaten the well-being or even the survival of children in the United States. Readers will come away with up to date information and a renewed commitment to being life-long advocates for children.

A Pretty Girl Was Alpha Bette

Author: Shannah B. Godfrey
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1434373525
Size: 31.70 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6961
A rhyming story with picture-letters and phonics cards designed to help young children learn the sounds of the alphabet.