Sebastian And The Stars In His Eyes Mystery

Author: Christian
Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN: 9780671632540
Size: 24.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6560
Mysterious attacks on Chummy the Wonder Dog lead canine detective Sebastian to go undercover as a stunt performer in the making of Chummy's new movie.

The Little Cat With Stars In His Eyes

Author: Christopher Evans
Publisher: Austin Macauley
ISBN: 9781528932974
Size: 71.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 933
A little Cat who sleeps all day And never seems to want to play. He just lies around without a care On the warmest bed or the softest chair. But when the sun goes down at the end of the day, The little Cat wakes and slips away. He hurries to a hilltop high, Where he sits beneath the twinkling sky. To watch the stars as they play and chat Means all the world to this little Cat. Returning home at morning's light, Where he sleeps right through until the night. When once again his heart desires, To see the stars...that he so admires.

Stars In His Eyes

Author: Martí Gironell
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
ISBN: 9781542040624
Size: 24.85 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5399
From the fascist Franco regime to Hollywood's glamour--an epic historical novel based on the meteoric rise of one of the world's most celebrated restaurateurs. Ceferino Carrión is desperate for a new life--one of opportunity, fortune, and fame. But he knows he'll never find this life in war-torn Spain. With his home country under the heel of the devastating Franco dictatorship and call-up papers on his doorstep, Cefe knows there's only one thing he can do: run. A new life awaits in America, as does a new name--Jean Leon. From the concrete valleys of the Bronx to the sun-soaked hills of California, Jean crosses paths with legendary superstars, political powerhouses, and dangerous mobsters as he flees his past and pursues his dreams. With friends like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean to see him through, Jean soon gets his own taste of stardom, opening his glamourous Beverly Hills restaurant, La Scala, to nightly swarms of celebrities. But with every new adrenaline rush of celebrity, Jean is further distanced from everyone he loves. Only in searching through his ever-receding past in Barcelona can he find the key to unlock the dream life he has risked so much to build.

You With The Stars In Your Eyes

Author: Deepak Chopra, MD
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781401927639
Size: 80.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1973
On a cool summer’s eve, five-year-old Tara takes a walk on the beach with her grandfather. When he is not quite sure how to answer her questions about love and life, the Moon herself joins in on the conversation. She tells Tara that the stars made our eyes so they could see themselves. She also explains that everyone we see is our own self in a different form. Deepak Chopra’s first children’s book is a sweet and poignant story that reveals the meaning of true love.

Stars In Your Eyes

Author: Lynn Kurland
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698404343
Size: 76.16 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4543
New York Times bestselling author Lynn Kurland presents a sweeping romance in which true love can go beyond time... Imogen Maxwell is on a hunt for rare, antique items to use on a period movie set. The last thing she expects to discover in the peaceful Scottish countryside is a pristine medieval sword...or to suddenly find herself facing its very vintage owner in a far too authentic castle. Phillip de Piaget has run out of patience with his recalcitrant Scottish betrothed and is determined that she will join him, once and for all, in front of the altar. Only the lass he captures fleeing his would-be keep seems more interested in running away from him than talking to him. In fact, she seems to have no idea who he is. But taming his reluctant bride is the least of his worries; it seems someone else wants him at the a stone box. As for Imogen, how can he let her go, when she holds the key to not only the castle, but his heart?

Stars In Your Eyes

Author: Sunil Gera
Publisher: Sristhi Publishers & Distributors
ISBN: 9382665455
Size: 49.72 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4203
Mumbai – well-known as the city of dreams, as also the underworld – gives Ranbir his directorial debut in Bollywood, reuniting him and his leading lady Meera in a bond he had dreamt of since their college days. While Meera is crowned the queen of Bollywood, Ranbir also makes his mark as a director, till success parts their ways. While they search for true love, trouble comes looking for them. A series of heartbreaks, lies, blackmails and vengeance culminate into a murder, putting Ranbir and people he has loved – the charming Sunanda who gives Ranbir the love he was craving, and the vivacious Veena who stars in his magnum opus and becomes his real-life wife – under the police radar. Will Ranbir be able to find his true love, or will the stardom leave him alone and aloof? Will the murder of someone he cherishes kill his soul too? Stars in Your Eyes is a story of love that loses its way in the stardom that many crave. A thrilling page-turner, the story brings to life various facets of love – those that thrill, and those that kill.

Stars In Their Eyes

Author: Pema Donyo
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1507206461
Size: 56.89 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1435
This beautifully sweeping story of dueling ambitions and restless hearts in the roaring twenties will captivate fans who loved the romance of the Oscar-winning film La La Land and Paula McLain's bestselling novel The Paris Wife. The bohemian salons and wild cabarets of 1920s Paris are just the place for Owen Matthews to pursue his writing and make the right connections in the literary scene. But six years after leaving Los Angeles and the love of his life, he still strives for success. Penning a new screenplay for his friend’s film might just help keep the lights on a bit longer in the City of Lights. Iris Wong is used to sacrifice and rejection as an Asian-American actress. She’s determined to take full advantage of her new leading role in a Parisian silent film—and the director’s romantic interest in her. Playing the game almost guarantees she’ll be able to break through the industry’s racism and become the silver screen star she’s dreamed of being since she earned her first nickel as a Hollywood extra. When these two star-crossed lovers unexpectedly reunite, they get a second chance to reconcile their hearts’ desires with their dreams of fame and fortune. Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors