Shaman S Revenge The Way Of The Shaman Book 6 Litrpg Series

Author: Vasily Mahanenko (Vasilij Mahaněnko)
Publisher: Magic Dome Books
ISBN: 8088231779
Size: 38.30 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2316
An original LitRPG fantasy from one of the fathers of LitRPG. #1 bestseller in audiobooks. The unrelenting #1 LitRPG bestseller since 2012. Translated into English, German, Polish, Czech and Korean languages. Daniel Mahan, the legendary Shaman of the Barliona game-world, has served his sentence in virtual reality. Eleven months of adventures and battles in exchange for eight years in prison isn’t a bad trade-off. And yet Barliona refuses to relinquish its grip on the Shaman so easily, erasing the boundary between his two realities. It turns out that it’s not so simple to leave the capsule—the Way must be completed...

I Miss You Love

Author: Chandra Kant Jaisansaria
Publisher: Damick Publications
ISBN: 8193624696
Size: 20.40 MB
Format: PDF
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You often go for trips and outings with friends to explore the beauty of this world but have you ever expected that trip to turn out as the biggest mistake of your life? What if you get punished for the sin that you never committed? Will you lose all your strength and give up or will you fight against the odds to save yourself and your loved ones? ‘I Miss You Love’ is a tale of Friendship, Love and Sacrifice. A story of five youngsters who planned a weekend trip to Mcleodganj unknowing the fact that it might be the last trip of their life - a trip which would give them the utmost happiness but would also bring the sorrows to shatter them to the core. A journey from life to the death and survival that would prove innocence to be the biggest threat to someone’s life. What would happen to those youngsters? Will they ever come back to their home again? Let’s flip through the pages and know the beginning as the end is something which is …..?

Mastering Your Hidden Self

Author: Serge King
Publisher: Quest Books
ISBN: 9780835605915
Size: 75.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Huna philosophy is about learning to become a conscious cocreator with the Universe. Hawaiian shaman King uses Kahuna healing methods to help us access the hidden energy of life, develop powers of concentration, and make friends with the deepest aspect of our being. Learn how your Higher Self, or aumakua, is contacted in the dream dimension. Get in touch with the Mana, the hidden energy of life. Develop higher powers of concentration by utilizing the tikis, created images of sight, sound, and feeling in meditation. Become aware of your subconscious, an integral part of your being, which impatiently awaits communion with the ego.

First Intelligence

Author: Simone Wright
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 1608682463
Size: 52.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3809
Practical Ways to Tap into and Use Your Highest Wisdom Each day, we are bombarded with data and opinions, and each day we must make choices that steer us toward our own best approach to life. And, according to Simone Wright, we often forget or don’t understand how to use the best tool available: our intuition, which is our “first intelligence” that can cut through the chatter to inherent wisdom. She explains that intuition is an innate and universal biological and energetic function that can be used like a human GPS system to guide us toward effective action and peak performance. Riveting examples and powerful exercises demonstrate how we can use this “sixth sense” as naturally as any, in all areas of our lives.

Sh T The Moon Said

Author: Gerard Powell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0757320961
Size: 75.21 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"It was during my eighth or ninth plant medicine journey that I was finally getting a real sense of freedom. I was feeling so elated that I told the moon I had a special request. I explained that this life had been so full of pain for me that I didn't think I could do it all again. So I asked her if in my next life she could make sure that I found the plant medicine as soon as possible. Her reply floored me. She typed, ‘Gerry, that's a request about next time, but it's the same one you used last time.'" Plant medicine? The moon typing? It probably seems incomprehensible. Gerard Armond Powell was a rags-to-riches success story—a member of the 1 percent—but also an extremely unhappy person with multiple addictions. On a fast track to destroying every relationship that ever mattered to him and considering suicide, he was looking for a miracle, a way out. He found it in the form of plant medicine and a shaman who introduced him to the truth of his life, and laid the groundwork for a psycho-spiritual journey that would lead him to reconnect with his soul, heal his addictions, and, finally, achieve a lasting sense of peace and happiness. This experience changed Powell, and convinced him to share the universal truths he learned with as many people as he could, which he does at the acclaimed Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, and now with readers in Sh*t the Moon Said. This mesmerizing story gives readers a blueprint to chart their own course to happiness. The first step is to learn who they really are and the possibilities of what they can still become. Second, they have to achieve a reconnection with their souls. And third, they must heal their hearts. Sh*t the Moon Said provides us with an irreverent way of highlighting our shared unconscious wisdom and its life-changing potential. Powell's candid tale and unlikely journey will help inspire readers to know themselves better, and to find the path to their own greatest redemption.

Bending Over Backwards A Journey To The End Of The World To Cure A Chronic Backache

Author: Carlo Pizzati
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9353573904
Size: 50.45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1427
In this intrepid and humorous travelogue, Carlo Pizzati embarks on a quest to find a cure for a backache that has tortured him for twenty years. Armed with his notebook and an indomitable spirit of adventure, Carlo travels from a posturologist's office in northern Italy to the rarefied mountain air of Boulder to seek a variety of New Age alternative cures; from a trance-dance venue hidden near the woods of Cinque Terre to an exorcist-shaman's den near Buenos Aires, who photographs demons and auras. Eventually, Carlo fetches up in India, to live and learn from the yogis at the Ashtanga yoga centre in Mysore. In India, as Carlo engages in strenuous yogic discipline, meditates atop hills, he has an explosive insight into his past births which leads to an encounter that will change his life forever. Along the way, our sceptical, suffering but always curious narrator discovers the ways in which spirituality and technology intersect. Wry, witty and wise by turns, this is a book about self-discovery, facing fears and failures, and undertaking an arduous journey with an open mind and heart.

The Ghosts Of Iceland

Author: Robert Thomas Anderson
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
Size: 62.22 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6545
There's a lot you don't know about Iceland. Easy to follow and full of quality research, THE GHOSTS OF ICELAND introduces you to ancient spiritual practices that still affect the culture today. Whether it's group séances, spirit doctors, or conversations between the living and the dead, this spiritual anthropology textbook goes in-depth to examine Iceland's spiritual climate.

Neighboring Faiths

Author: Winfried Corduan
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 9780830815241
Size: 29.92 MB
Format: PDF
View: 125
The world hasn't really shrunk--it just feels that way. Not all people of different cultural traditions and religious beliefs live halfway around the globe. Some of them live just down the block. Some of them work in the cubicle across the hall. Some of them sit next to us at PTA meetings. Encounters with these neighboring faiths often challenge our own comfortable beliefs and traditions. They make us think more deeply about our own faith commitments. For all who want to understand the religious faiths of their neighbors and coworkers, Winfried Corduan offers this helpful introduction to the religions of the world. His survey covers major and minor religions including Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, African and Native American traditional religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Baha'i, Chinese popular religion, Shinto and the Japanese synthesis. Unlike many similar books, Neighboring Faiths emphasizes not just formal religious teachings but also how each religion is practiced in daily life. Corduan has presnts more than 80 photographs, charts and maps. And moving beyond mere description, he offers specific suggestions for how Christians can avoid giving unnecessary offense to followers of these faiths while engaging them in constructive dialogue. For readers who want to understand what other religions believe and practice, and for small groups and churches who want to become more effective in reaching those from other cultures and religions, Neighboring Faiths is an indispensable guide.