Fluid Mechanics And Thermodynamics Of Turbomachinery

Author: Sydney Lawrence Dixon
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780750670593
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Turbomachines are those in which energy is transferred to or from a continuously moving fluid by the motion of a rotating element. Some of the most common and important machines used in engineering and industry fall into this category, including those which absorb power (and thereby increase fluid pressure), such as fans, compressors and pumps. Also included are equally vital varieties of machines which generate power from the expansion of fluids to lower pressures such as hydraulic, steam and gas turbines. This general definition embraces a number of devices that are classified as 'open', such as propellers, windmills and unshrouded fans. The machines examined here are those defined as 'closed', where a finite quantity of fluid can be considered to pass through the machine in unit time, for it is these which are of the most interest to students and professionals in the fields of mechanical, chemical, and plant engineering. It is in these areas that the devices that form the subject matter of this book find their most important applications, making this treatment of vital importance to anyone working in or studying them. Example questions and answers throughout Includes more new material on axial flow compressors and pumps

Conversion Tables Of Units In Science Engineering

Author: Ari L Horvath
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349085596
Size: 30.70 MB
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Converting units from one type of usage to another is a constant and regular problem that engineers and scientists have to solve. This book will therefore be invaluable as it provides a complete coverage of all the conversion factors required. Covering areas such as mechanical units, thermal units, units of physical chemistry, units of light, units of electricity and magnetism and also radiation. References are given throughout and there is a comprehensive index.


Author: Arthur Shavit
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420073699
Size: 66.54 MB
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There are many thermodynamics texts on the market, yet most provide a presentation that is at a level too high for those new to the field. This second edition of Thermodynamics continues to provide an accessible introduction to thermodynamics, which maintains an appropriate rigor to prepare newcomers for subsequent, more advanced topics. The book presents a logical methodology for solving problems in the context of conservation laws and property tables or equations. The authors elucidate the terms around which thermodynamics has historically developed, such as work, heat, temperature, energy, and entropy. Using a pedagogical approach that builds from basic principles to laws and eventually corollaries of the laws, the text enables students to think in clear and correct thermodynamic terms as well as solve real engineering problems. For those just beginning their studies in the field, Thermodynamics, Second Edition provides the core fundamentals in a rigorous, accurate, and accessible presentation.

Chemical Thermodynamics

Author: M L McGlashan
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 1847555829
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Specialist Periodical Reports provide systematic and detailed review coverage of progress in the major areas of chemical research. Written by experts in their specialist fields the series creates a unique service for the active research chemist, supplying regular critical in-depth accounts of progress in particular areas of chemistry. For over 80 years the Royal Society of Chemistry and its predecessor, the Chemical Society, have been publishing reports charting developments in chemistry, which originally took the form of Annual Reports. However, by 1967 the whole spectrum of chemistry could no longer be contained within one volume and the series Specialist Periodical Reports was born. The Annual Reports themselves still existed but were divided into two, and subsequently three, volumes covering Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. For more general coverage of the highlights in chemistry they remain a 'must'. Since that time the SPR series has altered according to the fluctuating degree of activity in various fields of chemistry. Some titles have remained unchanged, while others have altered their emphasis along with their titles; some have been combined under a new name whereas others have had to be discontinued.