Author: Steve Rasnic Tem
Publisher: Solaris
ISBN: 184997926X
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Daniel is trapped in Ubo. He has no idea how long he has been imprisoned there by the roaches. Every resident has a similar memory of the journey: a dream of dry, chitinous wings crossing the moon, the gigantic insects dropping swiftly over the houses; the creatures, like a deck of baroquely ornamented cards, fanning themselves from one hidden world into the next. And now each day they force Daniel to play a different figure from humanity’s violent history, from a frenzied Jack the Ripper to a stumbling and confused Stalin, to a self-proclaimed god executing survivors atop the ruins of the world. As skies burn and prisoners go mad, identities dissolve as the experiments evolve, and no one can foretell their mysterious end.

Tfo And Ubo Long Period Array Data Analysis

Author: Gary D. McNeely
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Results of the analysis of two long-period noise samples from Tonto Forest Seismological Observatory (TFO) and three from Uinta Basin Seismological Observatory (UBO) are presented. Analysis methods include single channel power density spectra, determination of multichannel coherences, and computation of two-dimensional frequency-wavenumber spectra. Results are compared to results obtained earlier from the Montana Large Aperture Seismic Array; the noise fields at the three sites are found to be generally similar. Comparison of array processing methods for the UBO and TFO data indicate that little more than 2 db noise suppression improvement above the 6-7 db obtainable by beamsteer processing can be expected from multichannel filter processing. There is some evidence of acoustically coupled low-frequency propagating noise in the TFO data. (Author).

Data Management In A Connected World

Author: Hartmut Wedekind
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540262954
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The role of data management becomes more and more crucial in a totally connected world. Having the right data at the right time at the right place is therefore one of the most challenging research issues we face in the coming years. This Festschrift volume is devoted to Hartmut Wedekind on the occasion of his 70th birthday and comprises a total of 18 articles discussing a broad spectrum of issues related to data management. All articles are (co-)authored by academic children and grandchildren of Hartmut Wedekind and therefore reflect the multifaceted selection of academic topics that he explored, discussed, and published on during his academic life. All articles are clustered into four different parts, focusing on motivation and modeling issues, infrastructural services, application design, and finally different applications. The scope of the articles reaches from visionary illustrations of data management in a connected world through core database techniques in the context of database caching, notification services, etc., to the design and description of data-intensive applications.