The Passion Of Charles P Guy

Author: Glenn H. Roe
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198718071
Size: 48.79 MB
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The Passion of Charles Péguy examines the life and ideas of Charles Péguy (1873-1914), a major, albeit relatively under-investigated figure in the intellectual and literary history of early twentieth-century France. A poet, political thinker, and cultural critic, Péguy's decade-long polemic with the Sorbonne's positivist historians was one of the first significant challenges to the historicist approach to literature that would holdsway over much of the twentieth century. Through his contributions to the literary debates of his time, Glenn H. Roe contends that Péguy opens up a significant, and often overlooked, dialogue with French historicism and itsrelationship to modernity.

Heroism And Passion In Literature

Author: Graham Gargett
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042016927
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This volume, prompted by the publication in 1999 of Moya Longstaffe's remarkable study, Metamorphoses of Passion and the Heroic in French Literature: Corneille, Stendhal, Claudel, further investigates and analyses the multiple appearances of Passion and Heroism in literature. It pursues the exploration of these themes in a variety of cultures (English, French, German, Spanish), genres, and critical approaches. In addition, the chronological span represented is extremely wide. Contributions range from La Fontaine, Molière and Voltaire to Rimbaud and Camus; from Baudelaire to Beckett; from Wagner to Goytisolo. This very diversity gives necessary context, providing scope for reflection and analysis. Although passion seems timeless, can heroism have any real meaning - apart from an individual and existential one - in our postmodern age? Has a notion at the centre of European culture for so many centuries really disappeared from our intellectual and cultural universe? This volume will be of interest to all students of literature, whatever their critical or linguistic allegiance, since it focuses on the varying manifestations of two vital ingredients of all societies and cultures.

Une Passion De L Histoire

Author: Christian Amalvi
ISBN: 9782708958029
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Charles-Olivier Carbonell a proposé et expérimenté de nouvelles méthodes d'enseignement. Il s'est engagé sur le grand chantier de la mémoire, avec ses travaux pionniers sur l'art d'écrire l'histoire au XIXe siècle. À la tête d'un groupe de jeunes spécialistes, il se fait désormais le promoteur d'une conception novatrice de l'Europe. Refusant d'apposer sans réflexion de petits récits historiques nationaux, il dresse, avec une perspective comparatiste, une histoire européenne de l'Europe (Privat, 1999). Le professeur Carbonell y fait l'inventaire des problèmes communs à l'ensemble des Européens, des origines antiques à l'aube du troisième millénaire, de l'Atlantique à l'Oural. Il n'est donc pas surprenant de voir tant de chercheurs, de tout horizon géographique, exprimer à ce chaleureux historien catalan, fervent partisan de l'Europe unie, leur reconnaissance scientifique. Ils lui rendent un hommage amical mérité. Les différentes contributions à cet ouvrage dessinent un panorama vivant et fraternel d'une république des lettres en construction à l'échelle universelle.

Buffon 88

Author: Jean-Claude Beaune
Publisher: Librairie Philosophique Vrin
ISBN: 9782711697557
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Leadership In Disaster

Author: Raymond Murphy
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773535241
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Disasters occur when hazards of nature strike socio-technological vulnerabilities. While science provides valuable indications of risk, it does not yield certainty, yet leaders must make sense of threats. Raymond Murphy's case study of the management of the 1998 ice storm - the most costly disaster ever in Canada, northern New York state, and Maine - presents rare interviews with key political and emergency management leaders that provide an insider's view of the challenge of responding to extreme weather. They document a generally well managed crisis, but also reveal the slippery slope from transparency to withholding critical information as the crisis deepened, and examine conflict resolution between leaders during a disaster.

The Play Of Terror In Nineteenth Century France

Author: John T. Booker
Size: 13.58 MB
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"This volume brings together seventeen studies that were originally presented as papers at the nineteenth annual Colloquium in Nineteenth-Century French Studies held at the University of Kansas in 1993. The contributors all consider one facet or another of the play of terror in nineteenth-century France." "In the wake of the French Revolution - and its most enduring image, that of the historical Terror - all aspects of life in France, both public and private, were to be fundamentally changed forever. Long-standing balances of power and authority had been upset, and new tensions had been created that would continue to play themselves out over the course of the following century." "In a number of cases, the focus of this volume is on the representation - literary, historical, or artistic - of the Terror itself, whether in novels such as Hugo's Quatrevingt-treize or Balzac's Une tenebreuse affaire, or in the art Salon of 1827-28. More often, however, contributors consider terror in its more general acceptation of fear or intense anxiety experienced in the face of violence, coercion, or intimidation."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved