Author: John Gwynne
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0230771432
Size: 18.36 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The second in The Faithful and the Fallen series, Valour by John Gwynne carries all of the excitement of the first. The Banished Lands are torn by war as the army of High King Nathair sweeps the realm challenging all who oppose his holy crusade. Allied with the manipulative Queen Rhin of Cambren, there are few who can stand against him. But Rhin is playing her own games and has her eyes on a far greater prize . . . Left for dead – her kin have fled and her country is overrun with enemies – Cywen fights to survive. But any chance of escape is futile once Nathair and his disquieting advisor Calidus realize who she is. They have no intention of letting such a prize slip from their grasp. For she may be their one chance at killing the biggest threat to their power. Meanwhile, the young warrior Corban flees from his conquered homeland with his exiled companions, heading for the only place that may offer them sanctuary. But to get there they must travel through Cambren, avoiding warbands, giants and the vicious wolven of the mountains. And all the while Corban struggles to become the man that everyone believes him to be – the Bright Star and saviour of the Banished Lands. Embroiled in struggles for power and survival, the mortal world is unaware of the greatest threat of all. In the Otherworld, dark forces scheme to bring a host of the Fallen into the world of flesh to end the war with the Faithful, once and for all. Continue the epic fantasy series with Ruin and Wrath.

Legacies Of Valor

Author: David C. Hammond
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1449748562
Size: 30.32 MB
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Legacies of Valor is all about obtaining a deeper understanding of biblical characters, both their most noble traits and their less notable character flaws. This book is intended to help us conduct a self-awareness expedition into who we are in Christ. To achieve this, we must examine and understand what God has to say about us, how He sees us, and what we need to know about Him. Within Legacies of Valor we will explore how to: - Acquire Wisdom and Gain Understanding - Turn Adversity into Strengths - Assure God's Guidance - Stand in Faith - Understand God's Character - Pay God's Favor Forward - Know Your Resolve - Mature as a Warrior for Christ We will learn how the following bible characters became Difference Makers for God. - Noah: Last Man Standing - Gideon: O Valiant Warrior - David: A Mighty Man of Valor - Nehemiah: Difference Maker - Joshua: Wholeheartedly Committed - Nathan: Bold and Unafraid Spokesman - Hezekiah: A Prayer Warrior - Jesus: Through the Eyes of a Child

Woman Of Valor

Author: Marilynn Chadwick
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0736970282
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"In an increasingly broken world, Woman of Valor brings a much-needed call to action for women to be courageous. I encourage you to delve into this captivating book." —Lauren Perdue Olympic gold medalist in swimming Deep Down, Don't You Long to Be a World-Changer? Did you know that the famed Proverbs 31 woman was more than just a "virtuous woman"? In Hebrew, she is called a woman of valor. And if you think the Bible paints women as "less than," better look again! Inspirational speaker Marilynn Chadwick, a former agnostic, was fascinated by the powerful portrayals of women right in the pages of Scripture—courageous women who fought wars, foiled genocidal plots, and raised world-changing kids. Like these women, you were designed by God to bravely and faithfully give life to the world around you. More than just a virtuous woman, you were created to be a woman of valor. Marilynn invites you on a quest to discover your true calling. Step into real-life stories of incredible women in her own community, along with those she has met in her travels to India, Lebanon, Sudan, and more. Women who share beautiful and powerful traits you can uncover and incorporate into your own life to become a world-changing woman of valor. Includes a VALOR QUEST study guide to help you embark on a unique and life-changing journey

A Fallen Star

Author: Troy E. Wright
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1456874209
Size: 58.75 MB
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Duty Honor Valor

Author: Steven Howard Stubbs
Publisher: Quail Ridge Pr
Size: 22.53 MB
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