The Journey To The West Revised Edition

Author: Cheng'en Wu
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226971317
Size: 80.93 MB
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The story of Xuanzang, the monk who went from China to India in quest of Buddhist scriptures.

Monsters And Their Meanings In Early Modern Culture

Author: Wes Williams
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199577021
Size: 12.47 MB
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Might Magic explores the place of monsters in the early modern imagination; the book is structured as a kind of journey, charting the translation, or migration of the monstrous from natural history to moral philosophy, from descriptions of creatures found in the external world, to the drama of human motivation, of sexual, political, and cultural identity. At its centre are readings of major works of French literature; from each of these focal stopping offpoints, a number of digressions lead us to better understand the issues and questions raised in each instance. Literature makes a particular kind of sense when studied in relation to what anthropologists call'thick descriptions' of context, and so I will be relating the questions and insights offered by literary writing to those produced by historians of religious conflict (this was a time of civil war and persistent rebellion), as of philosophy and science (this was also a time in which natural history and 'natural philosophy' underwent significant change). Charting a process of sustained and distinctive change, this book seeks to understand the cultural work performed by monsters inearly modern Europe - with a particular focus on France: monsters on stage as in the street; in the study as in the state, and the self.

Monsters Of Architecture

Author: Marco Frascari
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780847676583
Size: 42.88 MB
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A collection of articles from the publication Medievalia et Humanistica which devotes itself specifically to medieval and Renaissance culture. Topics considered include The Knight's Tale, the Florentine Renaissance and the nobility of later medieval England.