Author: Arthur K. Wheelock
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 9780810927513
Size: 34.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reproductions of the Dutch realist's paintings are accompanied by biocritical introductions and commentaries


Author: Karl Schütz
ISBN: 9783836536417
Size: 57.52 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Just 35 works make up the complete known oeuvre of Johannes Vermeer but in their enchanting combination of mimesis and mystery they have secured his place as one of the most admired artists in history. Featuring brand new photography of many paintings, this monograph presents the complete Vermeer catalogue in ravishing XXL format, including...

Delphi Complete Works Of Johannes Vermeer Illustrated

Author: Johannes Vermeer
Publisher: Delphi Classics
Size: 36.97 MB
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This is the second volume of a new series of publications by Delphi Classics, the best-selling publisher of classical works. A first of its kind in digital print, the ‘Masters of Art’ series allows digital readers to explore the works of the world’s greatest artists in comprehensive detail. This volume presents the intimate beauty of the art of the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer. Although relatively unknown for two centuries, Vermeer’s works are now prized among the most valuable in the world. And now you can own all of them in stunning colour on your eReader. Features: * the complete paintings of Johannes Vermeer * includes previously lost works, with annotations * concise introductions to the paintings, giving valuable contextual information * learn the secrets of the ALLEGORY OF HISTORY, THE MILK MAID and the interesting histories of stolen works * beautiful 'detail' images, allowing you to explore Vermeer's masterpieces as though in the gallery * images of other works and media texts relating to Vermeer’s works * a brief biography of the artist * hundreds of images in stunning colour - highly recommended for tablets, iPhone, iPad users, or as a valuable reference tool on traditional eReaders * UPDATED with larger images Please visit: for more information and to browse our range of titles CONTENTS: Brief Biography The Paintings CHRIST IN THE HOUSE OF MARTHA AND MARY ST. PRAXEDIS DIANA AND HER COMPANIONS THE PROCURESS A GIRL ASLEEP GIRL READING A LETTER AT AN OPEN WINDOW THE LITTLE STREET OFFICER AND LAUGHING GIRL THE MILKMAID THE GLASS OF WINE THE GIRL WITH TWO MEN VIEW OF DELFT GIRL INTERRUPTED AT HER MUSIC WOMAN IN BLUE READING A LETTER THE MUSIC LESSON WOMAN HOLDING A BALANCE WOMAN WITH A PEARL NECKLACE WOMAN WITH A LUTE YOUNG WOMAN WITH A JUG THE GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING A LADY WRITING GIRL WITH A RED HAT GIRL WITH A FLUTE THE CONCERT THE ART OF PAINTING HEAD OF A YOUNG WOMAN MISTRESS AND MAID THE ASTRONOMER THE GEOGRAPHER THE LOVE LETTER THE LACEMAKER LADY WRITING A LETTER WITH HER MAID ALLEGORY OF FAITH THE GUITAR PLAYER A LADY STANDING AT THE VIRGINAL A LADY SEATED AT THE VIRGINAL A YOUNG WOMAN SEATED AT THE VIRGINALS Please visit: for more information

Jackson Pollock 1912 1956

Author: Leonhard Emmerling
Publisher: Taschen America Llc
ISBN: 9783822823002
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The life and work of Jackson Pollock.

Johannes Vermeer

Author: Wayne Franits
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190297980
Size: 62.46 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer is considered one of the principal genre painters of the 17th century. His oeuvre, composed of only 35 attributable works, displays an unprecedented level of artistic mastery in its consummate illusion of reality. In this fully illustrated Grove Art Essentials title, explore the biography and work of the enigmatic artist. In addition to an extensive bibliography, this volume, written by noted scholar of 17th century Dutch art history, Wayne Franits, delves into the artist's working methods and techniques, iconography, and discusses the modern rediscovery and critical reception that has installed Vermeer as one of the most celebrated and most closely studied masters of the art historical cannon.


Author: Pierre Cabanne
Publisher: Pierre Terrail
ISBN: 9782879392776
Size: 71.74 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1650
One of the great mysteries of the entire history of art, Vermeer is the unchallenged master of Dutch intimist painting of the 17th century. Only 36 of his paintings have come down to us - which makes his Young Woman Seated at a Virginal, authenticated recently, all the more precious as an addition to his œuvre. His life, of which so little is known, remains an enigma. To find out what lies behind the secret, secretive figure of the master of Delft, we must go to the subtle, fascinating hints found at the heart of his canvases: works in which the simplest of subjects are transformed by the artist's hand into the stuff of masterpieces. This book sets Vermeer and his entire œuvre in the historical, religious and social context of the Delft of his time, a city of prosperous merchants and industrialists. And through comparisons with works of the artist's contemporaries, it offers us Vermeer's art in all its breadth and grace. Vermeer was truly one of the great geniuses of Western painting.

A Study Of Vermeer Revised And Enlarged Edition

Author: Edward Snow
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520071322
Size: 65.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Edward Snow's A Study of Vermeer, first published in 1979 and here presented in an expanded and elaborately revised version, starts from a single premise: that we respond so intensely to Vermeer because his paintings reach so deeply into our lives. Our desire for images, the distances that separate us, the validations we seek from the still world, the traces of ghostliness in our own human presence—these, the book proposes, are Vermeer's themes, which he pursues with a realism always in touch with the uncanny. As Snow traces the many counterpoised sensations that make up Vermeer's equanimity, he leads us into a world of nuances and surprise. A Study of Vermeer is passionate and visual in its commitments. Snow works from the conviction that viewing pictures is a reciprocal act—symbiotic, consequential, real. His discussions of Vermeer's paintings are conducted in a language of patient observation, and they involve the reader in an experience of deepening relation and ongoing visual discovery. The book has been designed to facilitate this process: over eighty illustrations, fifty-nine in color (including two full-page foldouts), accompany the text so that the details Snow illuminates will be continally in view. Here is a book to enthrall not only students of Vermeer, but anyone who feels the exhilaration of what Cézanne called "thinking in images."

Vermeer And The Delft School

Author: Walter A. Liedtke
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN: 0870999737
Size: 60.22 MB
Format: PDF
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Walter Liedtke, curator of European paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, has assembled a splendid catalog of Vermeer and his artistic milieu. Seven lengthy, well-illustrated chapters (Liedtke wrote five, Dutch art historians Michiel Plomp and Marten Jan Bok wrote the others) describe life in the city of Delft; the painters Carel Fabritius, Leonart Bramer, and others who preceded Vermeer; the careers of Vermeer and De Hooch; the making of drawings and prints in 17th-century Delft; and the collecting of art in the same period. The catalog follows: each painting, print, and drawing accompanied by a lengthy catalog essay. Oversize: 12.25x9.75". c. Book News Inc.

Vermeer S Family Secrets

Author: Benjamin Binstock
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136087060
Size: 54.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Johannes Vermeer, one of the greatest Dutch painters and for some the single greatest painter of all, produced a remarkably small corpus of work. In Vermeer's Family Secrets, Benjamin Binstock revolutionizes how we think about Vermeer's work and life. Vermeer, The Sphinx of Delft, is famously a mystery in art: despite the common claim that little is known of his biography, there is actually an abundance of fascinating information about Vermeer’s life that Binstock brings to bear on Vermeer’s art for the first time; he also offers new interpretations of several key documents pertaining to Vermeer that have been misunderstood. Lavishly illustrated with more than 180 black and white images and more than sixty color plates, the book also includes a remarkable color two-page spread that presents the entirety of Vermeer's oeuvre arranged in chronological order in 1/20 scale, demonstrating his gradual formal and conceptual development. No book on Vermeer has ever done this kind of visual comparison of his complete output. Like Poe's purloined letter, Vermeer's secrets are sometimes out in the open where everyone can see them. Benjamin Binstock shows us where to look. Piecing together evidence, the tools of art history, and his own intuitive skills, he gives us for the first time a history of Vermeer's work in light of Vermeer's life. On almost every page of Vermeer's Family Secrets, there is a perception or an adjustment that rethinks what we know about Vermeer, his oeuvre, Dutch painting, and Western Art. Perhaps the most arresting revelation of Vermeer's Family Secrets is the final one: in response to inconsistencies in technique, materials, and artistic level, Binstock posits that several of the paintings accepted as canonical works by Vermeer, are in fact not by Vermeer at all but by his eldest daughter, Maria. How he argues this is one of the book's many pleasures.


Publisher: Silvana Editoriale
ISBN: 9788836616626
Size: 51.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Presents the works of the Italian painter along with an analysis of his skills and a portrait of his life.