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O Devir Da Verdade

Author: William Baptista
Publisher: Letra Capital Editora LTDA
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Há em toda filosofia um inacabamento, uma carência, uma provisoriedade, uma abertura essencial. O que faz com que um pensamento seja filosófico é o seu estado de aberto, como um horizonte. Tal como um horizonte, que é constituído pela sua abertura e seu limite, toda filosofia é constituída pelo âmbito de pensamento que ela abre. E abrindo um âmbito fecha os outros. Debruçada sobre o seu âmbito, o seu tema e o seu questionamento, a filosofia está sempre voltando a formular sua questão, está sempre voltando a perguntar. Nenhuma filosofia jamais responde suficientemente a pergunta que ela mesma suscita. Nenhuma filosofia jamais abarca por inteiro o objeto que ela se propõe a interrogar. Nenhuma filosofia jamais percorre todo o campo do seu questionamento, jamais resolve todas as lacunas que ela mesma escava. E permanece filosofia exatamente por abrir seu horizonte e deixar mover esse horizonte em sua amplitude e nitude.

Argumenta Philosophica 2016 2

Author: Varios Autores
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The educational value of the natural sciencies - Karl Jaspers Remitir las deudas. La revolución anárquica del Yobel judío - Donatella di Cesare The relevance of Karl Jaspers' philosophy of religion today - Anton Hügli La presencia de Ramon Llull en la filosofía escolástica del siglo XVII - Rafael Ramis Barceló Lenguajes sin presencia. Decir filosófico y decir poético en Heidegger - Ángel Xolocotzi Yáñez

Society Of The Dead

Author: Todd R. Ochoa
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520947924
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In a riveting first-person account, Todd Ramón Ochoa explores Palo, a Kongo-inspired "society of affliction" that is poorly understood at the margins of Cuban popular religion. Narrated as an encounter with two teachers of Palo, the book unfolds on the outskirts of Havana as it recounts Ochoa's attempts to assimilate Palo praise of the dead. As he comes to terms with a world in which everyday events and materials are composed of the dead, Ochoa discovers in Palo unexpected resources for understanding the relationship between matter and spirit, for rethinking anthropology's rendering of sorcery, and for representing the play of power in Cuban society. The first fully detailed treatment of the world of Palo, Society of the Dead draws upon recent critiques of Western metaphysics as it reveals what this little known practice can tell us about sensation, transformation, and redemption in the Black Atlantic.

Companion To Empire

Author: David Rojinsky
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9042028661
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This volume traces a genealogy of the varied conceptions and functions of alphabetic writing in Hispanic cultures of the pre-modern and early colonial periods. The historical junctures selected are those at which the written word (in grammatical, historical and legal discourse) assumed increased ideological importance for bolstering different kinds of 'imperial' power. In effect,Companion to Empire posits a constellation of historical scenarios, rather than a singular mythical origin, in which the alliance between writing and imperium might be discerned. The corpus of primary texts considered in the volume derives from works by foundational figures in the history of pre-modern language theories (Isidore of Seville, Alfonso X the Wise, Antonio de Nebrija) and from those identified with the early transatlantic expansion of alphabetic writing (Peter Martyr D'Anghiera, Bernardino de Sahagún, Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán). By reading these canonical texts against the grain, the author avoids the totalizing gesture of histories of the language, and instead focuses upon the relationship between prestige written languages, the creation of a 'literate mentality' and the need to consolidate imperium on both sides of the Atlantic.Companion to Empire will thus be of interest to those adopting a 'post-philological' approach to Hispanic Studies, as well as those interested in medieval and transatlantic imperium studies.

1931 1955

Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Publisher: Emece Editores
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