Son Of The Cypresses

Author: Meron Benvenisti
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520238257
Size: 62.52 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"Whether Benvenisti takes up the issues of Jerusalem or the Oslo Agreements, whether people believe him to be marginal, heretical, or a contradictory critic of Israeli and Palestinian societies and politics, there is real force in his arguments and interpretations. His writing is so compelling and disturbing that his positions must be taken seriously."—Richard D. Hecht, Professor of Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara "Wading into the white-hot cauldron of Israeli-Palestinian cultural politics, the independent-minded Benvenisti crowns his long career as politician, author, and scholar-journalist with this fearless, highly personal history of and engagement with his nation's dreams and trials. Part autobiography, part painful cultural history, part polemical argument with a host of equally strong-willed countrymen and intellectuals, Jerusalem's former deputy mayor provides readers with one veteran insider's search for an ethical place to stand in what may be the most intractable, complex and dangerous dilemma of our times. This book is an impossibly lonely, courageous effort to make the basic case to both his own ancestors and fellow Israelis that only surrender of the demand for full sovereignty for both Jews and Palestinians in favor of some yet-to-be-created shared polity will save his beloved land of Israeli cypresses and Palestinian orchards. A stunningly brave and urgent achievement, and an intensely rewarding experience for all readers concerned about the fate of the Middle East."—Peter Nabokov, author of A Forest of Time and Where the Lightening Strikes

Mapping Israel Mapping Palestine

Author: Jess Bier
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262036150
Size: 75.83 MB
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Digital practices in social and political landscapes: Why two researchers can look at the same feature and see different things.


Author: Gary Fields
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520291042
Size: 11.49 MB
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Enclosure marshals bold new arguments about the nature of the conflict in Israel/Palestine. Gary Fields examines the dispossession of Palestinians from their land--and Israel's rationale for seizing control of Palestinian land--in the contexts of a broad historical analysis of power and space and of an enduring discourse about land improvement. Focusing on the English enclosures (which eradicated access to common land across the English countryside), Amerindian dispossession in colonial America, and Palestinian land loss, Fields shows how exclusionary landscapes have emerged across time and geography. Evidence that the same moral, legal, and cartographic arguments were used by enclosers of land in very different historical environments challenges Israel's current claim that it is uniquely beleaguered. This comparative framework also helps readers in the United States and the United Kingdom understand the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the context of their own histories.

Middle East Patterns

Author: Colbert C. Held
Size: 12.77 MB
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Thoroughly revised and updated, this comprehensive general geography of the Middle East is critical reading for all students of the region's geography, regional history, politics, comparative governments, and development economics.

The Rural Landscape Of Ancient Israel

Author: Aren M. Mareir
Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited
Size: 47.70 MB
Format: PDF
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By publishing these ten essays in English in the BAR series the research carried out by the contributors, and the evidence and fieldwork methodologies they cite, is made available to a much wider audience. This volume contains an important collection of case studies and overviews of rural settlement in Israel from late prehistory to the modern period. Addressing broad questions on the physical nature of settlements, their appearance and disappearance from the archaeological record, the relationship between rural and urban sites, settlement patterns and processes, and economic activities, the contributors offer a good cross-section of approaches to the subject.