Wonders Wickedness

Author: Carol Hedges
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781974430543
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1864 marks the arrival of a brand new department store right in the shopping heart of Oxford Street. What owner John Gould does not expect, is the presence of a dead man in one of his display windows. How did he get there? And why has Gould's store been picked out as a murder location? Meanwhile Sir Hugh and Lady Meriel Wynward are not expecting to hear from their daughter Sybella, who died in a railway accident two years ago. So when a letter written in her hand arrives unexpectedly, on what would have been her eighteenth birthday, it throws them into turmoil. What is going on? Bleak expectations dog the progress of Stride and Cully, two officers of Scotland Yard's detective division, as they embark upon their most complex case so far. The twists and turns of the investigation will lead them into a murky mire of murder and blackmail, and the strange dark underground world of Victorian spiritualism. Praise for The Victorian Detectives: 'Carol Hedges, in her wonderful Victorian Detective series, channels the most Dickensian of tropes without the overly sentimental, I-get-paid-by-the-word-so-I-never-use-one-where-six-would-do Dickensian mush.' Barb Taub, reviewer 'Transports the reader to Victorian London: each scene is crafted to perfection.' The Lady

The Educated Ape And Other Wonders Of The Worlds

Author: Robert Rankin
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575086440
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An epic in four movements, this is the third book in Robert Rankin's highly acclaimed meta-Victorian series. Comparable to Pratchett or Douglas Adams, the Father of Far Fetched Fiction has pulled out all of the stops with this riotous tale of wicked women, a dangerous detective and Darwin the educated ape. Lord Brentford has a dream. To create a Grand Exposition that will showcase The Wonders of the Worlds and encourage peace between the inhabited planets of Venus, Jupiter and Earth. Ernest Rutherford has a dream. To construct a time ship, powered by the large hadron collider he has built beneath the streets of London. Cameron Bell is England's greatest detective and he, too, has a dream. To solve the crime of the century before it takes place, without blowing up any more of London's landmarks. Darwin is a monkey butler and he also has a dream. To end Man's inhumanity to Monkey and bring a little joy into the world. Lavinia Dharkstorrm has a dream of her own. Although hers is more of a nightmare. To erase Man and Monkey alike from the face of the Earth and to hasten in the End of Days. Then there is the crime-fighting superlady, all those chickens from the past and the unwelcome arrival of The Antichrist. Things are looking rather grim on planet Earth.

The Victorian Approach To Modernism In The Fiction Of Dorothy L Sayers

Author: Aoife Leahy
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443811998
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Dorothy L. Sayers wrote bestselling detective novels and short stories in the 1920s and 1930s. Working within a popular medium, Sayers promotes nineteenth century and modernist literature with skills learnt during a period of employment in an advertising agency. In much of her fiction she recommends her choice of good books by name. She also suggests that taking Victorian literature as a foundation can bring her reader to a better understanding of literary modernism. With a didactic intent, Sayers shows how Lewis Carroll’s Alice can help us to eventually read Virginia Woolf, for instance. Her approach to educating her readers is always through entertainment. Sayers worked briefly as a teacher before taking up copywriting and retained important insights on how to improve the learning experience for any reader. Sayers’ admiration for the Victorian sensation author Wilkie Collins is widely recognised. This book examines Sayers’ attention to equally important Victorian influences from John Ruskin and George Eliot to Oscar Wilde, particularly in relation to the topic of education. She often questions the boundaries between “popular” and “serious” literature. Sayers’ personal views on the connections between mid-Victorian, late Victorian and high modernist authors are also considered.

Best Books For Children

Author: John Thomas Gillespie
Publisher: Westport, Conn. : Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781591580829
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The latest addition to the "Best Books" family, this all-new guide updates the popular and critically acclaimed "Best Books for Children, Seventh Edition." This thematic work is a state-of-the-art reading guide and selection tool for children's literature, enabling you to thoroughly evaluate your children's literature collection and create theme-based and genre-oriented reading lists for curriculum-related and recreational reading. The entries cover more than 6,000 titles published from 2001 to 2003, most of which have been recommended in at least two sources, and provide annotations with succinct plot summaries as well as ISBNs, book length, price, reading level, and review citations. Award-winning and series titles are noted as well. This guide is an invaluable resource for anyone working with children or children's literature.

The Duke Identity

Author: Grace Callaway
Publisher: Grace Callaway
ISBN: 1939537088
Size: 25.27 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Welcome to the world of the Game of Dukes, a series that draws from Victorian London’s finest drawing rooms and its darkest rookeries. Some dukes are peers of the realm, others lords of London’s underworld, but all are relentless in their pursuit of justice, power, and passion. These commanding men will meet their match—in the strong, feisty women who capture their hearts. The Duke Identity He's a policeman bent on justice. She's a proud daughter of the London criminal underworld. Danger brings them together...and desire binds them in this steamy enemies-to-lovers romance. Shattered by betrayal, former scholar Harry Kent has made a new life for himself as a policeman. Sent on a dangerous covert mission, he must protect a clever and wicked beauty who specializes in disguises and mischief. She stands for everything he scorns—and seduces him with every look of her innocent eyes… A princess of London's criminal underworld, Tessa Todd wants to defend her family against cutthroat enemies. Her powerful grandfather, however, insists upon keeping her under lock and key. When she is assigned a stoic and damnably handsome new bodyguard, she resists his dominant ways—and a passionate war of wills begins… Thrown together by crisis, Harry and Tessa will test the bounds of desire, loyalty, and trust. On the run from their foes and from their own hearts, they must find salvation in each other—before time runs out. Grace's Books: GAME OF DUKES (a sexy historical romance series) Book 1: The Duke Identity (Harry & Tessa) Book 2: Enter the Duke (Rhys & Maggie) Book 3: Regarding the Duke (Garrity & Gabby, Preorder for May 2019!) HEART OF ENQUIRY (a sexy Regency romance series) Prequel Novella: The Widow Vanishes (Will & Annabel) Book 1: The Duke Who Knew Too Much (Alaric & Emma) Book 2: M is for Marquess (Gabriel & Thea) Book 3: The Lady Who Came in from the Cold (Penny & Marcus) Book 4: The Viscount Always Knocks Twice (Richard & Violet) Book 5: Never Say Never to an Earl (Sinjin & Polly) Book 6: The Gentleman Who Loved Me (Andrew & Primrose) MAYHEM IN MAYFAIR (a sexy Regency romance series) Book 1: Her Husband's Harlot (Helena & Nicholas) Book 2: Her Wanton Wager (Persephone & Gavin) Book 3: Her Protector's Pleasure (Marianne & Ambrose) Book 4: Her Prodigal Passion (Charity & Paul) CHRONICLES OF ABIGAIL JONES (a gothic Victorian paranormal romance series) Book 1: Abigail Jones

The Supernatural Index

Author: Michael Ashley
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313240300
Size: 35.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Indexes story collections by editor, book title, author, and story title