World Press Photo

Author: Kari Lundelin
ISBN: 9780500970737
Size: 68.97 MB
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Represents some of the very best work being done around the world today. News Photographer"

Image Brokers

Author: Zeynep Devrim Gursel
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520286375
Size: 70.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Image Brokers is an in-depth ethnography that reveals the labor and infrastructure behind news images and how they are circulated. Zeynep Devrim Geursel presents an intimate look at the ways image brokers--the people who manage the distribution or restriction of images--construct and culturally mediate the images they circulate. Through this framework, news images become commodities that impact how politics and culture are visualized in the world. Set against the backdrop of the War on Terror and based on fieldwork conducted at the photojournalism industry's centers of power in New York and Paris, Image Brokers explores the transition from analog to digital technologies and shows how new digital and social media platforms continue to change photojournalism and create ever-widening distribution networks. The book is a powerful investigation of the processes of decision-making amid the changing infrastructures of representation."--Provided by publisher.

Conversations On Conflict Photography

Author: Lauren Walsh
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350049190
Size: 31.96 MB
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In today's image-saturated culture, the visual documentation of suffering around the world is more prevalent than ever. Yet instead of always deepening the knowledge or compassion of viewers, conflict photography can result in fatigue or even inspire apathy. Given this tension between the genre's ostensible goals and its effects, what is the purpose behind taking and showing images of war and crisis? Conversations on Conflict Photography invites readers to think through these issues via conversations with award-winning photographers, as well as leading photo editors and key representatives of the major human rights and humanitarian organizations. Framed by critical-historical essays, these dialogues explore the complexities and ethical dilemmas of this line of work. The practitioners relate the struggles of their craft, from brushes with death on the frontlines to the battles for space, resources, and attention in our media-driven culture. Despite these obstacles, they remain true to a purpose, one that is palpable as they celebrate remarkable success stories: from changing the life of a single individual to raising broad awareness about human rights issues. Opening with an insightful foreword by the renowned Sebastian Junger and richly illustrated with challenging, painful, and sometimes beautiful images, Conversations offers a uniquely rounded examination of the value of conflict photography in today's world.

Photography And Migration

Author: Tanya Sheehan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351997904
Size: 58.80 MB
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Written in the context of unprecedented dislocation and a global refugee crisis, this edited volume thinks through photography’s long and complex relationship to human migration. While contemporary media images largely frame migration in terms of trauma, victimhood, and pity, so much more can be said of photography’s role in the movement of people around the world. Cameras can document, enable, or control human movement across geographical, cultural, and political divides. Their operators put faces on forced and voluntary migrations, making visible hardships and suffering as well as opportunity and optimism. Photographers include migrating subjects who take pictures for their own consumption, not for international recognition. And photographs themselves migrate with their makers, subjects, and viewers, as the very concept of photography takes on new functions and meanings. Photography and Migration places into conversation media images and other photographs that the contributors have witnessed, collected, or created through their diverse national, regional, and local contexts. Developed across thirteen chapters, this conversation encompasses images, histories, and testimonies offering analysis of new perspectives on photography and migration today.

Ngugi Wa Thiong O Gender And The Ethics Of Postcolonial Reading

Author: Dr Brendon Nicholls
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409475697
Size: 49.61 MB
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This is the first comprehensive book-length study of gender politics in Ngugi wa Thiong'o's fiction. Brendon Nicholls argues that mechanisms of gender subordination are strategically crucial to Ngugi's ideological project from his first novel to his most recent one. Nicholls describes the historical pressures that lead Ngugi to represent women as he does, and shows that the novels themselves are symptomatic of the cultural conditions that they address. Reading Ngugi's fiction in terms of its Gikuyu allusions and references, a gendered narrative of history emerges that creates transgressive spaces for women. Nicholls bases his discussion on moments during the Mau Mau rebellion when women's contributions to the anticolonial struggle could not be reduced to a patriarchal narrative of Kenyan history, and this interpretive maneuver permits a reading of Ngugi's fiction that accommodates female political and sexual agency. Nicholls contributes to postcolonial theory by proposing a methodology for reading cultural difference. This methodology critiques cultural practices like clitoridectomy in an ethical manner that seeks to avoid both cultural imperialism and cultural relativisim. His strategy of 'performative reading,' that is, making the conditions of one text (such as folklore, history, or translation) active in another (for example, fiction, literary narrative, or nationalism), makes possible an ethical reading of gender and of the conditions of reading in translation.

The Photographic Journal

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Vols. for 1853- include the transactions of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.