You Can T Make This Stuff Up

Author: Theresa Caputo
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476764441
Size: 49.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4845
The host of "Long Island Medium" relates the wisdom she has gleaned from spirit and client readings, sharing insights into spiritual concepts and everyday challenges.

The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety

Author: Pat Longo
Publisher: Citadel Press
ISBN: 0806539453
Size: 30.53 MB
Format: PDF
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“This book is the perfect tool for anyone looking to open their intuition and gain a better understanding of how energy can shift from anxiety to empowerment. We all have the ability to tap into that source of healing—and Pat is dedicated to helping you master the process.” —Jenniffer Weigel, Author and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist “Pat Longo is a spiritual Dumbledore, and this is her book of healing magic.” —Nico Tortorella, Star of TV Land’s Younger and Author “Pat has guided me in my voyage to become ‘The Latina Medium.’ I truly wish this book had been available ten years ago. It’s going to make a tremendous impact on many people’s lives.” —Zulema Arroyo Farley, Author and “The Latina Medium” “Pat Longo has brought peace and awareness to the lives of thousands of people with her remarkable healing gifts. The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety is a must-read for anyone who is looking to heal, connect to their inner power, and change their lives for the better.” —MaryAnn DiMarco, Author, Medium, and Speaker “Pat is a wonderful person and a genuine leader in the spiritual community. Her contributions over the past twenty years are legendary. Pat is there to support people who don’t understand how to turn their sensitivity into wonderful tools. This book is for those people.” —Charlie Goldsmith, Star of TLC’s documentary series, The Healer

After This

Author: Claire Bidwell Smith
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698161343
Size: 72.38 MB
Format: PDF
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In After This, acclaimed author, and therapist Claire Bidwell Smith confronts the question she encounters every day in private practice—what happens after we die? In an exploration of the afterlife that is part personal, part prescriptive—Smith invites us on her journey into the unknown. She wonders: How do we grieve our loved ones without proof that they live on? Will we ever see them again? Can they see us now, even though they are gone? Chronicling our steps along the path that bridges this world and the next, Smith undergoes past-life regressions and sessions with mediums and psychics and immerses herself in the ceremonies of organized religion and the rigor of scientific experiments to try and find the answers. Drawing on both her personal losses, recounted in her memoir The Rules of Inheritance, as well as her background working in hospice as a bereavement counselor, Smith attempts to show how exploring the afterlife can have a positive impact on the grief process.

Wild Truth Bible Lessons Dares From Jesus

Author: Jeannie Oestreicher
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310864745
Size: 56.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Weekly studies to reinforce what junior highers are learning from their Wild Truth JournalThese Bible lessons send students straight to the words of Jesus to discover the truth, then dare them to live that truth today. Includes games, activities, sketches, handouts, and reproducible worksheets.

High School Talksheets Updated

Author: David Lynn
Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties
ISBN: 0310872626
Size: 40.75 MB
Format: PDF
View: 480
TalkSheets have been working for youth group leaders for more than a decade. Now they are radically updated and ready to stimulate high schoolers toward in-depth discussions on real issues--everything from drinking to social justice.

Heaven Sent

Author: Christina Jones
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748129162
Size: 14.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Clemmie has a problem - she's had almost as many jobs as she's had birthdays and her lovelife is on the critical list. But with the big 3-0 looming she's determined to transform herself from unemployed singleton to loved-up success. Trouble is Clemmie's dream job would be working for local entrepreneur Guy Devlin, owner of the famous pyrotechnics company, The Gunpowder Plot. He'd also be high on her list of candidates for significant other too. But Guy has a whole veritable cargo hold of baggage - avaricious ex-wife, a host of monster ex-step children. He's not even looking for an assistant. And if he was a quirky amateur firework maker with a penchant for cream cakes and big explosions wouldn't be high on his list.

It S Tough To Be A Man In God S Economy

Author: Dennis Wechter
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490862579
Size: 28.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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I understand that it is indeed tough to be a man in God's economy, but we are called to be leaders and to walk in Christ's footprints. Our society has a difficult time placing man in a satisfactory role that would complement the Madison Avenue advertising group or the image-makers of Hollywood. They have decided the roles of leader, head of household, faithful husband and father, and moral compass don't seem to fit anymore. This thinking is totally unacceptable and should raise flags of discontent in every Christian household.

As a group in today's world, men need to take back the responsibilities that they have either given away or have had stolen from them, and collectively become the men that Jesus spoke about in his word. There is no excuse for behavior that is not pleasing to God and therefore not profitable to any man. Do not let your earthly condition dictate your spiritual position.

Miss Purdy S Class

Author: Annie Murray
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330527681
Size: 31.54 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A tale of hardship and social injustice, Miss Purdy's Class by Annie Murray is a heartfelt saga with strong emotional relationships at its heart. In the New Year of 1936, Gwen Purdy, aged twenty-one, leaves her home to become a schoolteacher in a poor area of Birmingham. Her parents are horrified, but she has the support of her fiance, a recently ordained clergyman. Her early weeks in Birmingham are an eye-opener: at the school she faces a class of fifty-two children, some of whose homes are among Birmingham's very poorest. One of the teachers, the elderly Miss Drysdale, proves an inspiration, and Gwen begins to understand the appalling hardships endured by the children as she is drawn into their lives. Little Lucy Fernandez is a 'cripple' and an epileptic. Through her, Gwen meets Daniel Fernandez, the elder brother in a fatherless household. The family has roots in a Wales' small Spanish community, and Daniel is a young man as fierce and passionate in his emotions as in his social concerns. Gwen falls in love, and is quickly engaged in his battle to win rights for the working classes. As the Brigades are mobilized to fight the Spanish Civil War, Gwen has to face the fact that Daniel has secrets in his past which she would rather not face up to . . .

Lessons In The Divine For Caregivers

Author: P. M. Kearns
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595336418
Size: 11.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The graying of America dramatically continues to affect millions of families across our nation. Who offers encouragement to caregivers faced with the impossible? Here is some spiritual comfort food from a Chicken Soup for The Soul author, P. M. Kearns. Find out from this long-term caregiver what surprises surround today's most unsavory selections of exhausting, unpleasant, exasperating duties. Anyone selflessly providing care for another is a caregiver. You're sure to be concerned about the onslaught of escalating problems, pressures, and behaviors overturning your life if you are a: home care giver paid provider mom or dad daughter, son or spouse single parent or grandparent in-law, relative or friend suddenly caught in today's sandwich generation You'll need a new language for describing what was previously unimaginable. LESSONS in The Divine for Caregivers illuminates the unexpected, soothes the unaware, bares a lock-tight case for empathy building, offers practical advice for the bedraggled, calms with compassion, and sheds light and healing laughter on the more difficult concerns to pin down-the ones disturbing your soul.